How to become a makeup artist, in simple steps

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
How to become a makeup artist, in simple steps
How to become a makeup artist, in simple steps

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1. Who is a makeup artist?

2. The most important Arab makeup artists

3. Guidelines and rules

4. How do I become a makeup artist?

There are many ways to learn how to put makeup but the basic rules are the same. New seasonal trends and new techniques such as contouring and highlighting are prompting us to learn latest makeup styles to keep up with fashion.

With the spread of social media and internet sites, learning to put makeup became available to all.

The makeup looks of celebrities isn’t a secret anymore; it has become very easy to copy them by following makeup video tutorials. Furthermore, we can look at the personal page of a celebrity to see how she puts her day or evening makeup.

Who is a makeup artist?


A makeup artist is a beauty expert specialized in applying makeup. Usually, she works in a beauty salon or on her own; stars, television presenters and fashionistas who are fond of makeup can also be considered makeup artists.

Putting makeup is an art form, like painting; its purpose being to improve and beautify facial features.

The most important Arab makeup artists

Arab women are gifted in the art of makeup; many of them became famous through social media, and some have earner international acclaim.

Get to know some of the most prominent Arab makeup artists:

1. Waad al Turki

Waad al Turki is considered one of the most famous beauty experts in Saudi Arabia. She has 600 thousand followers on Instagram and conducts makeup workshops.


2. Alaa Dashti

A Kuwaiti makeup expert, Alaa Dashti is famous due to her work with celebrities such as: Amal el Awadi, Asma al Munawar, Balqees Fathi and Shaila Sabt. She also owns Alaa Beauty Salon in Kuwait. Alaa organizes makeup training sessions in several Arab countries; mainly in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. She has more than 900 thousand followers on Instagram.


3. Huda and Mona Kattan

The two Iraqi sisters have become famous in the world of cosmetics in Dubai and the Arab world; especially after Huda launched a range of false eyelashes in addition to a number of cosmetics. Her sister Mona owns a beauty salon in Dubai. 


4. Dalal al Doub

A pretty Kuwaiti fashion blogger, Dalal al Doub shares makeup tips and styles for veiled women on Instagram and Snapchat.


5. Sandas al Kattan

A famous Kuwaiti blogger with more than a million followers, she has an engaging way of teaching makeup styles.


6. Noura Afia

A Lebanese blogger who lives in Dallas, she gives a lot of makeup ideas to her followers


7. Hanan al Najadah

Started her career in painting and then moved to professional makeup. She became famous through her YouTube channel, and is now the most renowned makeup artist for the most famous stars in the Arab world.

Guidelines and rules of the art of makeup


Here are guidelines and rules of the art of makeup

1. Face makeup:

  • Deep cleansing and moisturizing the skin.
  • Applying primer to set the makeup and get rid of excess skin oils.
  • Choosing a foundation with a color close to the skin color or one degree darker.
  • Using concealer to hide dark spots and blemishes.
  • Applying face powder for a velvety, soft skin and to set foundation in place.


2. Defining eyebrows:

- Using a pencil to draw brows.

- Filling the gaps with pencil, eyeshadow or gel.


3. Eye makeup:

- Applying a light color eyeshadow such as beige on the entire upper lid.

- Applying a dark eyeshadow on the brow bone and the outer corner of the eye.

- Drawing with a black liquid or gel eyeliner a winged line above upper lashes.

- Defining the interior of the eye with a black eyeliner pencil or with a colored one if the eyes are small.

- Applying many coats of mascara or using false eyelashes.



4. Blusher and bronzer:

- Using a bronzer to define the shape of the face and to get a natural tan.

- Putting a blusher with a radiant color to highlight the beauty of the cheeks.



5. Contour and highlighter:

- Putting a dark contour on areas that need to be modified such as forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.

- Putting a highlighter on areas to be emphasized such as cheeks, nose bone, and middle of forehead.


6. Lipstick:

- Using a lip contour pencil with a color close to the color of the lips.

- Choosing a lipstick color.

How do I become a makeup artist?


If you have a liking for the art of makeup and a coherent teaching style, you can become a makeup artist. You need to:

1. Practice according to the guidelines and rules of the art of makeup.

2. Attend training sessions in a professional beauty school.

3. Follow up latest makeup trends and attend beauty shows if possible.

4. Present tutorial makeup videos on social media; this might make you famous.

Who knows? Maybe, in the near future, your name will be included in the list of most famous Arab beauty experts.

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