How to apply glitter eyeliner

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
How to apply glitter eyeliner
How to apply glitter eyeliner

Glitter eyeliner is one of the latest makeup trends; now you can add glitter to your eyes, lips or even to your entire face and feel confident.

You must have noticed the extensive use of glitter eyeliner this year, whether by applying it over black eyeliner or putting it alone. Glitter eyeliner illuminates the eye in an amazing way and draws all the attention to your eyes.

Glitter eyeliner is available, from international brands, in many colors to suit different tastes. When applying glitter eyeliner you should be very careful; applying an excessive amount or putting it the wrong way can lead to an unwanted look. Following are some simple tips to teach you how to apply glitter eyeliner for an attractive and elegant look.


How to easily apply glitter eyeliner:


1. Applying glitter eyeliner should be the last step of your makeup. Put your makeup such as foundation, concealer and eyeshadow before defining your eyes with glitter eyeliner.


2. Choose glitter eyeliner in a color you like; we recommend defining your eyes with a black kohl pencil then applying glitter eyeliner. The dark eyeliner enhances the color and the brilliance of glitter eyeliner.


3. Avoid defining the beginning of the eye with glitter eyeliner to prevent glitter from getting into the eye and causing irritation. It is preferable to start slightly away from the eye opening and apply it until the end of the eye.


4. As mentioned earlier, you can use glitter eyeliner, alone or over black eyeliner, in any bright color you like such as green, blue or orange for a bold and fascinating look.


5. Apply two coats of mascara for long and thick lashes to enhance the beauty of glitter eyeliner.


Follow these simple steps to get ideal glitter eyeliner. Glitter eyeliner may not suit daily makeup, therefore we recommend trying it for a bold and exciting evening makeup.

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