How to apply foundation for an elegant makeup

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  • Wednesday, February 28, 2018
How to apply foundation for an elegant makeup
How to apply foundation for an elegant makeup

Foundation is the magical cosmetic that eliminates wrinkles and gives skin a silky look; therefore follow the basic rules below to get an elegant makeup.

- Cleanse your face to get rid of makeup residues. Use a face wash that's appropriate to your skin type.


- Exfoliate your face with an appropriate exfoliating product made of natural ingredients, or use homemade natural exfoliators.


- Use moisturizing creams to refresh your skin and keep it looking young.

- Apply a primer on your entire skin to protect it from harmful effects of cosmetics.


- Distribute and spread foundation in drops over your face with a flat brush.


- Apply concealer in drops under the eye area and blend it with foundation with a beauty blender sponge.

- To hide the creamy effect of foundation, use a face powder in the same color of your foundation and spread it with a large soft bristle brush.

- Use blush, preferably in a pink color, to give your cheeks a nice glow.

- Choose your foundation from a well-known brand to avoid skin irritation.

- Get rid of the foundation bottle after its expiration date.

- Use foundation with a pump because pump bottles keep away germs and bacteria.

- Don’t use your fingers when applying foundation; instead rely on a flat brush to distribute it.

- To ensure a well done makeup, always keep your makeup brushes and beauty blender sponge clean.

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