How to apply an attractive smoky eye makeup in simple steps

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
How to apply an attractive smoky eye makeup in simple steps
How to apply an attractive smoky eye makeup in simple steps

Eyes are one of the most important facial features; called the windows to the soul, they reflect internal beauty. At thesame time, beautiful eyes are a major factor of attraction in women. To achieve a seductive eye look, learn how to put smoky eye makeup for an attractive and radiant look on your special occasions.

Putting a smoky makeup needs experience in applying and blending colors in order to get a sumptuous look. Follow below steps to enjoy a look that suits your special occasions.


1. Face makeup

- Prepare your face by applying a moisturizing cream to protect your skin and keep it hydrated, then apply foundation in a suitable color to unify your skin color and enhance its radiance.

- Put a light layer of face powder for a refreshed, non-shiny face.

- Put a little blush in a pink or light peach color. Get acquainted with makeup products and tools you cannot do without


2. Eye makeup

- Apply eyeshadow in a light color on upper mobile eyelid, under the eyebrow and on the corners of the eye; then apply a grey eyeshadow starting from inner corner of eye but don’t reach the outer corner of eye.


- At outer corner of eye, apply a black color on upper mobile eyelid and extend it upward to make eye look bigger and wider, then add a white or ivory color on inner corner of eye and under eyebrow to give your eyes more radiance.


- Define your eye at the base of eyelashes with a thin line of eyeliner and stretch the line slightly outside the eye to match the eyeshadow; this will make your eyes look wider.

- Define your eye from below by drawing a line with liquid eyeliner, inside and outside the eye; join this line with the one drawn on upper eyelid.

- Don’t forget to apply mascara to make your lashes look thicker and more attractive; use the mascara wand in a zigzag way, wait for the first coat to dry and then apply the second coat. This will give you attractive, thick and long eyelashes that suit a smoky makeup.

3. Lipstick

Finally, apply lipstick in a color that suits the occasion and the applied smoky makeup; you can use a velvety red or a wine color for a bold look, or you can put a quiet pink or nude to give more focus to your smoky eye makeup.

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