How to apply a bronze makeup, step by step

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
How to apply a bronze makeup, step by step
How to apply a bronze makeup, step by step

Bronze makeup is one of the makeup styles women like most. Bronze makeup gives a glamorous look and enhances their facial features.

Applying bronze makeup requires many steps in order to get a good result.

For a perfect look, we will teach you, step by step, how to apply this glowing makeup; we will also acquaint you with the suitable cosmetics to be used.

First, apply foundation on your entire face and neck. The best foundation for this look is Fit Me Matte - 220 by Maybelline.  A perfect foundation for normal to oily skin, it unifies the color of the skin and gives it a velvety touch.

Apply concealer to hide blemishes and dark circles around the eyes, we recommend using High Precision by Armani; its formula, infused with light-reflecting pearls and vitamin E, brightens your complexion.

To reduce the signs of fatigue and stress and to give you more radiant skin, you can use Touche Éclat by Yves Saint Laurent; it easily blends into the skin to add more radiance and vitality to your look.

To achieve a bronze captivating look, apply the contouring technique that in turn accentuates the beauty of your features. For contouring, use Highlight and Contour Pro Palette by NYX; it comes in wonderful sets, each containing 8 shades. It is perfect for an outstanding bronze look.

Apply an eye primer to enhance your eyeshadow. We recommend using La Base Paupière Pro by Lancôme. It makes applying eyeshadow much easier and prevents it from smearing. It heightens the color intensity of your eyeshadow for a more prominent look.

As for the eyeshadow, you have to apply it on your upper eyelid. The perfect eyeshadow range for this look is Eye Shadow Palette from Urban Decay which contains a range of beautiful colors in captivating shades.

For a more seductive look, draw a black line at the base of your upper lashes. We recommend using Infallible from L’Oréal Paris, a creamy eyeliner pencil that lasts for long hours without fading.

For a complete look, you need long and thick eyelashes. Try Lash Sensational by Maybelline; this waterproof mascara gives a sensational full-fan effect on your lashes.

Draw and define your eyebrows in a way that suits your features by using Brow Artist Sculpt from L’Oréal Paris. Its sculpting brush gives your brows a natural look and perfect color that lasts for 12 hours. 

Finally, define your lips with Smooth Silk Lip pencil – 4 from Armani; it helps in getting an attractive and precise drawing.

Then apply lipstick; we recommend Lip Maestro – 103 from Armani to match your radiant bronze look.

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