How does Sara Farah put her makeup?

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
How does Sara Farah put her makeup?
How does Sara Farah put her makeup?

Sara Farah is a Syrian singer who is known for her beautiful voice and great performance; she impressed the public with her unique personality, her elegance and her beautiful makeup style. What about discovering how Sara puts her makeup?

- Sara chooses a makeup style that reveals the beauty of her features. She uses a light coverage foundation in the same color as her wheat color skin; her clear blemish free skin doesn’t need a lot of creams.

- She relies on concealer to hide dark circles; a well done eye makeup starts by illuminating the area around the eye.

- She defines the inside of her eyes with kohl, and applies winged eyeliner on upper eyelid to give her eyes a sharper and more mysterious look.

- She uses mascara to add more attractiveness to her eyelashes.

- She uses many eyeshadow colors such as smoky and earth tones; in the attached album we gathered different looks so you can choose what you like best.

- She uses lipstick in colors that that suit eyeshadow shades. We selected some photos from her Instagram account and hope you will like them; let them be your guide for a well done and outstanding makeup.

Sara Farah is an outstanding talent; she entered the world of singing through her participation in the 8th version of Star Academy in 2011. Number one for two weeks during the program, she reached the finals and came in the third position. During the Ramadan season, her first trial was in “Kanadil el Ushak” series where she played the role of Rawaa, a smart and good hearted girl with a beautiful voice.

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