Hande Erçel's outstanding looks in the television series “Banat al Shams”

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Hande Erçel's outstanding looks in the television series “Banat al Shams”
Hande Erçel's outstanding looks in the television series “Banat al Shams”

The young Turkish actress Hande Erçel achieved great success for her leading role in "Banat Al Shams" as the teen ager Selin who is living the turmoil of adolescence.

Hande, a television actress and model, was among the winners of Miss Civilization of the world in 2012 that took place in Azerbaijan; this event opened for her the doors to success in acting and modeling.  

With her captivating beauty and attractive eyes in addition to her amazing makeup, Hande was meant to make it. Hande knows how to attract attention; she uses a light and soft foundation then covers it with face powder. In the role of Selin, she used to define her eyes with black kohl, apply lengthening and thickening mascara on her lashes, put eyeshadow colors that suits her clothes and wear lipstick in a classic red or a nude color for an outstanding and harmonious look.

If you are a fan of Hande, go to her photo album to get inspired by her looks, and choose whatever suits you. You can apply Hande’s makeup by following below steps: 

Face makeup

Cleanse your face with a good quality wash that suits your skin type to get rid of accumulated greases and impurities; putting makeup on a greasy skin will lead to an unpleasant look.

Apply concealer under the eyes to hide dark circles and also on blemishes to hide them; make sure to choose concealer in a color that suits your skin color to get a natural look.

Use foundation; choose a light formula that suits your skin color for a radiant natural look. Apply foundation with a makeup sponge or a brush; make sure to unify the color between face and neck, and to blend well the foundation and the concealer for a better result.

Apply blush on your cheeks with a brush, in a circular motion. Choose a color that suits your skin color; don’t put too much blush in order to keep a natural look.

Eye makeup

Put a primary layer of eyeshadow in a light color; choose colors that suit your skin such as light beige or ivory. Apply the light color from roots of eyelashes to eyebrow line, and then apply a darker color on your eyelid to get a simple makeup; if you wish, you can use only a light color.

Define the inside of your eyes with a black pencil, and use black eyeliner to outline the eye. If you want a simple makeup, draw a thin line at the base of eyelashes. And if you want a more dramatic makeup, make the line thicker and longer.

Apply one coat of mascara on your lashes and let it dry, then apply a second coat for longer and thicker lashes.

Lips makeup

Define your lips border with a lip contour pencil, and choose a color that suits your makeup style.

Apply lipstick in a color similar to the contour color.

Apply lip gloss to add more shine to your lips

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