Haifa Wehbe shines with a fascinating makeup at her concert during Eid al Adha

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Haifa Wehbe shines with a fascinating makeup at her concert during Eid al Adha
Haifa Wehbe shines with a fascinating makeup at her concert during Eid al Adha

Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe gave a huge concert on the second of September at the Mövenpick Hotel Beirut on the occasion of Eid al Adha. In an atmosphere filled with joy and enthusiasm, Haifa appeared in a black dress and an eye catching makeup.


If you are a fan of Haifa, discover in steps how to apply her makeup:


- Haifa is extremely beautiful; and makeup greatly suits her bronze wheat color skin. Her personal beauty expert started by applying a primer to let makeup stay put in a good shape for the longest time possible;


- She chose a lightweight foundation because her clear skin doesn’t need many cosmetics; she uses foundation to add glow to her makeup and to hide the few fine lines due to fatigue and exhaustion.

- She used the contouring technique, helped by her makeup expert, to accentuate her cheekbones and add to their beauty. The chin area was sculpted in a professional way for a highly sophisticated makeup and a glowing skin.

- She chose a matte face powder to set the contouring for a livelier look.

- Haifa’s eye makeup became the center of attention of people interested in fashion; her distinctive style and her right choices suit her skin color and the shape of her eyes. She relies on a smoky makeup done through blending eyeshadows, in a random way, on entire mobile eyelid and distributing colors in a gradation ranging from darker colors at outer eye corner to lighter colors inward. This method gives the eyes a more mysterious and seductive expression.


- Haifa loves black eyeliner and defined her entire eyes in a style that suits their shape to give them more width; she also used black kohl inside the eyes for a more seductive look.

- For a sharper eye look and more attractive eyelashes, she used false lashes and combined them with natural eyelashes by using lengthening and thickening mascara.

- Haifa chose lipstick in a nude color to achieve a balance between her smoky eye makeup and her lips makeup.

Haifa Wehbe has a fascinating beauty and harmonious features; her seductive eyes and her full lips made her a symbol of the Arab beauty in the world. She doesn’t hesitate to apply makeup in a bold style to keep up with fashion in a way that suits her facial features; she chose a smoky makeup to emphasize the beauty of her eyes and give them a feminine and mysterious look.

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