Get acquainted with the monochromatic makeup trend

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Get acquainted with the monochromatic makeup trend
Get acquainted with the monochromatic makeup trend

The fashion world has always been a source of new and innovative trends. Adopted by the fashion world, the monochromatic trend is now hitting the makeup world; it implies using one color for eyeshadow and lipstick and coordinating it with the entire makeup; a makeup style adopted by many stars.

Dark brown monochromatic makeup


Dark brown monochromatic makeup for eyeshadow and lipstick is the trend this autumn. To be applied as follows:

Eye makeup:

- Use a primer on the entire eyelid to reveal the beauty of the eyeshadow color and to give it more staying power.

- Groom your brows in an accurate and neat way, shaping them, hair by hair, with a black gel pencil and then brushing them.

- Apply the concealer below brows to define them in a better way, and under the eye area to hide dark circles.

- Apply a dark brown eyeshadow to the entire mobile lid and dab it to reach the inner corner of the eye. Apply a highlighter at the outer corner of the eye.

- Apply with a brush a little brown eyeshadow on the lower lid.

- Apply a triangular touch of black at the outer corner of the eye to give it more radiance and beauty.

- Outline at the base of the upper lid eyelashes with a thin line of black eyeliner to add luminosity to the eye.

- Apply mascara on the lashes to enhance the beauty and seduction of t eyes.

- Use a light beige eyeliner pencil inside the eye to add width and beauty.

Lips makeup:

- As a first step, moisturize the lips with a suitable moisturizer.

- Apply an even coat of foundation to cover the fine lines of the lips.

- Apply powder over the foundation to give the lips a pouty look.

- Outline the lips with a brown contour pencil.

- Apply a brown lipstick on the entire lips with a small brush.

Skin makeup:

- The skin should be well moisturized to maintain its youth and vitality.

- Apply a foundation, one degree darker than your skin, and blend it using a brush and a beauty blender on the entire face to obtain a kind of evenness and harmony between eye and skin makeup.

- Use the contouring technique in case you need to hide some blemishes.

- Cover with a translucent or any other suitable powder in the same color of the foundation.

- Use a highlighter on the nose bone and on the cheek bones to reveal the beauty of these features.


Orange monochromatic makeup


One of the trendiest make up this autumn, it suits fair skin more than dark skin. Apply it as follows:

Eye makeup:

- Use a primer on the entire eyelid and blend it evenly.

- Groom your brows in a natural way. Do not define them, unless there are some gaps, to get a more beautiful and natural eye makeup.

- Apply a suitable degree of orange eyeshadow to the entire mobile lid and blend it in an even way. You can dab it in a manner that takes the shape of the eye.

- With an eyeshadow brush, apply a little amount of the same color on the lower lid.

- Use a white eyeliner pencil inside the eye to add to its width and beauty.

- Apply one coat of mascara on lashes to give more luminosity to the eye.

Lips makeup:

- Outline the lips with an orange contour pencil; you can choose the same shade of orange used for the eyes.

- Apply an orange lipstick on the contoured area; the lipstick shade should be close to the eye makeup shade.

Skin makeup:

- Apply a foundation that suits your skin color, and blend it using a brush and a beauty blender.

- Cover dark circles by using a concealer.

- Use a powder with a light color that suits your skin color; dust it over your entire face with a large and soft brush.

- Use a little orangey blush on the cheeks and distribute it in a stylish manner.

- Use a highlighter under the eye area, on the chin and on the nose to illuminate them.

The monochromatic makeup is adopted by many stars, notably Priyanka Chopra who appeared in a burgundy monochromatic makeup; she used burgundy lipstick and eyeshadow and also outlined the lower lid with burgundy eyeshadow and added some glitter to the eyeshadow.

Not to forget Rihanna who launched the Fenty Beauty range and appeared in a monochromatic shiny purple makeup using shiny a purple eyeshadow and a purple highlighter.

The monochromatic trend is not limited to strong and bold colors; you can obtain a nude, soft and natural monochromatic makeup by using lipstick and eyeshadow in pink or peach shades.

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