Get acquainted with latest makeup methods, in photos

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Get acquainted with latest makeup methods, in photos
Get acquainted with latest makeup methods, in photos

Although makeup basic rules are the same, makeup methods may vary to keep up with latest trends. Every season different makeup methods appear, some entirely new and some old but with a modern twist. Furthermore, some makeup methods remain very popular regardless of the change in season.

Get acquainted with new makeup methods for autumn and winter 2017-2018 so you can keep up with latest trends for a modern and renewed look every season.

Discover new makeup methods in photos:

The no-makeup technique:


Soft and natural makeup is becoming very popular, season after season. The no-makeup technique became a worldwide favorite technique among beauty experts. They use basic makeup products in light nude colors to accentuate the natural beauty of a woman.

Bigger lashes


In addition to natural makeup, the trend of excessively thick and long lashes also appeared. It puts more emphasis on eye makeup through thickening and lengthening lashes or using false eyelashes, even on lower lashes, to attract all the attention to eyes.

Dark lipstick:


Dark lipstick fashion appeared in autumn and winter 2016-2017, continued through spring 2017 and is still on for autumn and winter 2017-2018. Dark color lipsticks such as burgundy, black and dark brown suit perfectly the autumn and winter ambiance.

  1. Graphic eyeliner:


    Adopt graphic eyeliner this season, whether a straight line with square edges above upper lashes or a semicircular shape on upper eyelid. Eyeliner is no more applied above upper lashes only, but it became fashionable to apply it on the upper eyelid or in the eye crease in various colors such as green and white.

  2. Highlighter:


    The contouring and highlighting technique is still used worldwide and women love it. However the focus now is on using a highlighter alone, or with a liquid foundation, or by mixing it with a glittery cream to get a radiant skin and a luminous face.

  3. Radiant lips:


    Along with natural makeup, many techniques for emphasizing lips appeared such as using neon color lipstick, or applying two different shades of lipstick on each lip, in addition to glittery or ombré lipstick. Choose what suits you; the important thing is make your lips noticeable.

  4. The new cat eyeliner drawing:


    This season, the cat eye has somehow a different color and shape. Eyeshadow used to draw a cat eye comes in many colors, not only black. Moving the drawing upward in an exaggerated manner is the way to get bold and modern captivating eyes.

  5. Rock and roll eye makeup:


    Glow this season in a rock and roll style by using a thick black makeup. Use black kohl to define the exterior and interior of eye and blend it to get a stunning black smoky makeup.

  6. Smoky eye makeup:


You can’t do without a smoky makeup in any season. For a bold and captivating look in autumn and winter 2017-2018, you have to apply smoky makeup in a more innovative way such as using eyeshadow to define the end of the eye only or to define the entire upper lid and the brow bone.

Change your look every season with new ways of applying makeup and avoid sticking to the same style all year round. Try these innovative ways to shine with a new modern look.

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