Get a radiant natural look with Maya Ahmad

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  • Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Get a radiant natural look with Maya Ahmad
Get a radiant natural look with Maya Ahmad

One of the best makeups this summer is the natural one or the no-makeup style that relies on using basic cosmetic products in little quantities to reveal the beauty of the features without any exaggeration. 

Learn how to apply a natural makeup in easy and quick steps with fashionista Maya Ahmad, using the latest NYX Professional Makeup products and enjoy a radiant look.

Steps for applying a light and natural makeup by Maya Ahmad:

1. Apply the new Total Control Drop Foundation by putting few drops on the brush provided with the foundation and distribute it on the entire face.

2. Draw your eyebrows with Eyebrow Powder Pencil; first comb your eyebrows upward with the brush then define eyebrows with the pencil. After that, brush your eyebrows again to distribute the color.

3. Use liquid eyeshadow Lid Lingerie in a light nude color on upper eyelid and blend it with a small eyeshadow brush. Also apply a little eyeshadow under your lower lashes to illuminate the eye and give them an amazing radiance.

4. After that, use liquid highlighter Away We Glow by applying it on the cheeks, on the nose bone, on the upper lip and on the chin. Distribute it with a beveled delicate brush to get an amazing and unique strobing effect.

5. Finally, emphasize the beauty of your lips with an elegant velvety touch from Lip Lingerie in the color you prefer.

Watch the video to learn, step by step, how to apply a light natural makeup with NYX Professional Makeup, by Maya Ahmad.

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