Futoon’s makeup secrets in “Wa Yabka al Amal” series

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Futoon’s makeup secrets in “Wa Yabka al Amal” series
Futoon’s makeup secrets in “Wa Yabka al Amal” series

Turkish actress Gizem Karaca who played the role of Futoon in “Wa Yabka al Amal” series was able to capture attention with her wonderful performance, and her right choice of makeup colors and styles that fitted different situations of the character.

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How about discovering the secrets of Gizem’s successful makeup?

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- Gizem says that the secret of her beauty is her clear and soft skin: I follow a daily skin care routine by cleansing my face every morning with a suitable face wash then apply a day moisturizing cream; at night, I remove my makeup and put a night moisturizing cream;

- I take good care of my skin and use nourishing masks on weekly basis; in hot weather, I apply masks twice a week if I feel my skin needs it;

- Sun is the top enemy of a youthful skin, that’s why I avoid walking in the sun, especially at peak hours; if I need to go out, I put a sunscreen with a high protection factor;

- After completing my skin care routine, I apply a lightweight primer on my face and distribute it with a flat brush to cover my face and my neck;

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- I keep my makeup brushes always clean to ensure a well done and beautiful makeup; I never share then with someone else;

- I use foundation and choose it in the same color of my skin. I like water based foundation in pumps because I can use the amount I need without opening a bottle and exposing the product to air and bacteria; Also discover: how to apply foundation for a refreshed skin

- My daily skin care routine includes the eye zone; the beauty and the flawlessness of this zone reflect the extent my care. I apply nourishing masks on this zone to prevent appearance of dark circles. Sometimes dark circles appear due to work pressure and exhaustion; I hide them with makeup by putting few drops of concealer around the eye and distributing it by gently dabbing with a beauty blender sponge for an ideal coverage;

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- To cover the creamy foundation texture, I use loose face powder in a translucent color to keep my natural skin color which I love;

- For a natural glow, I apply a little blush on my cheeks with a large soft bristle brush;

- As for eye makeup, I love nude colors because they suit my skin color and emphasize the beauty and radiance of my eyes;

- I use black kohl, and sometimes eyeliner; mascara is a must to give me a beautiful and feminine eye expression;

- For an elegant eye makeup, I groom my eyebrows in a way that suit the shape of my face and leaves them undefined for a natural look;

- In most of my appearances, I use lipstick in a nude color; sometimes I use a classic red color because I find that it suitable to my skin color.

Gizem is from Istanbul and was the first runner-up at Miss Turkey in 2011. Her self-confidence, strong personality and high ambition brought her to stardom. After taking part in “Hareem al Sultan” and her role in “Al Bark Yadrub al manazel”, she decided to go the United States to learn acting. After her return to turkey, she played the leading role in “Wa Yabka al Amal”.

In the attached album, we gathered some photos of her outstanding appearances. We hope you will like them.

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