Find out the many uses of concealer for an ideal makeup

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Find out the many uses of concealer for an ideal makeup
Find out the many uses of concealer for an ideal makeup

Concealer is the most important cosmetic product to get a blemish free skin; it hides dark circles under the eyes, pimples and even dark spots.

It is known that a concealer comes in shades of beige to suit various skin colors; but lately we can find concealers in additional colors such as green to hide redness of skin, yellow to hide dullness of skin and violet to get a radiant skin.

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In addition to hiding blemishes and dark circles, a concealer has other uses in makeup. Maybelline New York reveals the major uses of a concealer to help you getting an ideal skin and an amazing makeup in a professional way.

Major uses of concealer for an ideal long lasting makeup:

1. Hiding dark circles under the eyes:

Apply Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer from Maybelline under your eyes in a V form; dab gently with your fingers to blend it in a harmonious way with skin in order to hide dark circles and add a radiant touch to your eye makeup.

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2. Hiding skin blemishes:

Over time, the camouflaging effect of foundation is weakened; therefore you can also apply concealer on visible spots and pimples. Dab it gently with your fingers to hide blemishes and get a natural coverage.

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3. Defining eyebrows:

Also use concealer to define your eyebrows; with a beveled brush, apply a precise line of concealer along the eyebrow to enhance its attractiveness. Concealer also helps in correcting any line drawn in a wrong way.

4. Defining lips:

Use concealer to define the mouth border and prevent lipstick from bleeding; use a fine brush to apply concealer and get defined and noticeable lips.

5.  Highlighting the face:

Concealer can be used to highlight parts of the face such as center of forehead, brow bone, above cheekbones, above upper lip, nose bone and chin.

Make concealer your everlasting friend to enjoy a blemish free skin and a more lasting makeup; preferably, put it in your bag so you can correct your makeup during the day to keep a radiant makeup look all day long.

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