Find out the makeup secrets of pretty model Mariam Nazim

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Find out the makeup secrets of pretty model Mariam Nazim
Find out the makeup secrets of pretty model Mariam Nazim

Mariam Nazim, a pretty girl in her twenties, was able to fulfill her dream by entering the world of fashion. She made history as the first Yemeni girl to work as a model. Mariam was able to attract attention on social media with her distinctive beauty; she inherited a mix of Arab and Russian features being born from a Yemeni father and a Russian mother. How about entering her world to discover her unique makeup style ?

- Mariam inherited from her mother her skin color, a wheat color tending to light bronze, in addition to the pretty harmonious Russian features; that’s why she doesn’t need to contour her face. She puts only a light layer of foundation in the same color as her skin to cover fine lines such as laugh lines and fine lines at the corner of the eye. First, she uses a translucent primer to give her makeup a better staying power; she considers primer as the first and most important step for a well done makeup because it protects her skin from the harmful effect of cosmetics and gives makeup a more professional look. She uses a concealer one degree lighter than her skin color to blur under eye dark circles. She uses a face powder to set the foundation and concealer and to cover their creamy look. She puts a little blush on her cheeks to show the beauty of her cheeks; she uses a peach or bronze color in a way that suits her makeup.

- From her father’s side, Mariam took the wide almond shaped Arabian eyes. To reveal their beauty, she applies winged eyeliner in most of her appearances. For her eye makeup, she chooses earth tones for all styles, whether smoky, soft or glitter; and earth tones really suit her skin color. She uses thickening and lengthening mascara. She grooms and defines her eyebrows by drawing them hair by hair with a gel pencil to give her eyes a unique radiance.

- Mariam knows how to choose her makeup colors; she uses lipstick in colors that suit her clothes but most of the time she wears colors in nude or beige shades, and sometimes she resorts to pink or classic red.

In the attached album, we selected some of Mariam’s appearances from her Instagram account followed by more than 100 thousand followers. We hope you will like them.

Mariam caused a stir on social media in Yemen, being the first Yemeni female model. She lives now in the Uzbek capital. Few days before the war broke in Yemen, she had left Yemen with her family for a vacation in Tashkent. When she knew that Sanaa airport had been closed, she decided with her family to stay there. She said that the nature of the Uzbek society played an important role in achieving her dream to work as a model. She, in turn, encourages all Yemeni girls to move toward achieving their goals and ambitions without fear or hesitation. Mariam holds the Yemeni nationality and the Russian one; but considers herself the daughter of Yemen and assures that will return to her country once there is peace.

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