Eyebrows defined in an ideal manner, up to 3 days, with the new Tattoo Brow from Maybelline

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  • Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Elegance is never complete without well-defined eyebrows; but defining them well is a difficult task for some women. But now, things have changed with the new Tattoo Brow! Don’t deprive yourself from discovering this amazing product from Maybelline, always offering you the best cosmetics.

Benefits of Tattoo Brow from Maybelline: 

- A gentle gel formula that doesn’t harm your eyebrows and lasts up to 3 days.

- You can gently remove the tattoo with a makeup remover.

- Tattoo Brow comes in two colors; dark brown and medium brown.


Steps for applying Tattoo Brow from Maybelline

The eyebrows are perfect for up to 3 days with the new tattoo office in Mebelin-bl-3-EN

Step 1: apply the product


Step 2: wait for 20 minutes


Step 3:gently peel it off


Enjoy perfect eyebrows for 3 days!

Now that you know of Tattoo Brow benefits and how to apply it, try it at once to see its amazing results.

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