Eye makeup ideas to be tried this season

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Eye makeup ideas to be tried this season
Eye makeup ideas to be tried this season

New eye makeup trends appear every season. In autumn, a radical change occurs in eye makeup colors to announce the end of summer and the beginning the cold season with its warm and dark colors.

What are the outstanding ideas for eye makeup in autumn/winter 2017- 2018? And what are the trendiest eyeshadow colors?

Discover with us some eye makeup ideas you should try this season for a captivating eye look similar to that of celebrities.

Eye makeup ideas for 2017, in photo


1. Bronze eye makeup:

Can you imagine warm days in autumn without a bronze eye makeup? Bronze colors with their captivating shine suit all seasons, not only summer. Bronze colors suit all colors of skin and clothes.

Try a bronze smoky makeup with a dark or nude lipstick. You can also try a monochromatic makeup in a bronze color!


2. Orange eye makeup:

Sunset shades suit the autumn atmosphere, whether you are wearing warm clothes or elegant evening outfits. Try shades of burnt or dark orange for an amazing eye makeup that will enhance the color of your eyes, whether light or dark.


3. Red eye makeup:

Red eye makeup is fashionable again, but in a bolder and shinier look that suits the cold winter atmosphere. This season, seduce people around you by putting flame red eye makeup with a soft nude face makeup, on your special occasions.


4. Pink eye makeup:

After years of absence, soft pink makeup made a strong comeback. Whether a soft pink makeup or a bold dark pink one, you will shine with an extreme feminine look.


5. Purple eye makeup:

We think that purple will be the star of the season; it suits all eye colors, especially green and blue eyes. We recommend trying it to accentuate the color of your eyes in a seductive manner.


6. Eyeliner under the eye:

We are used to put eyeliner on upper eyelid; but this season, eyeliner is used under the eye to highlight your eyes in a completely different way. Apply eyeshadow in a single nude color on upper eyelid, and put a radiant color under your eye for a bold and modern look.


7. Colored cat eye makeup:

Cat eyeliner remains a constant through seasons and years; but this season cat eye makeup relies on colored eyeliner for a soft young look.


Try one of these ideas to get an irresistible eye makeup in bold colors like red carpet stars.

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