How to quickly apply makeup like Sarah al Wadaani

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
How to quickly apply makeup like Sarah al Wadaani
How to quickly apply makeup like Sarah al Wadaani

Beauty expert Sarah al Wadaani is a famous professional makeup artist in the film industry and her makeup style is unique and different. Through her accounts on social media, and in particular on YouTube, she shares her ideas on how to apply bold and unconventional makeup styles that reflect her free spirit and enigmatic personality.

We will show you how Sarah applies a quick makeup for an elegant and non-exaggerated look. Sarah doesn’t like loud or heavy makeup; she just uses a little eyeshadow, mascara or false lashes and lipstick in a quiet nude color. You can adopt this look for a light day makeup or a soft evening one.

This is how Sarah al Wadaani applies makeup in few quick steps:

1. Start by moisturizing your skin with a moisturizer that suits its type.

2. Choose foundation in a shade one degree darker than your skin color; distribute it on the entire face with a brush.

3. Sarah doesn’t use concealer; she spreads foundation reaching the area under the eyes to cover dark circles.

4. Apply a layer of face powder to set foundation for a soft velvety skin.

5. Put loose powder under the eyes, on sides of nostrils and above the mouth; these are the zones most prone to sweating.

6. Choose blush in a soft color such as pink or peach and put a little on cheekbones.

7. Apply a little dark contour under cheeks, on sides of forehead and on nose to sculpt the face, or discover how to apply contour according to the shape of your face

8. Use a light highlighter to illuminate the face; apply it on center of forehead, on chin, above cheeks, on nose bone and brow bone.

9. Apply a little eyeshadow in any color you like to define the eye crease.

10. Apply a coat of mascara then put false lashes for a captivating eye expression.


11. Define your lips with a contour pencil in a color close to the lipstick color; then apply a dark lipstick on border of mouth and a lighter one at center of lips. Preferably, choose quiet nude colors for a soft look suitable for your makeup.

Follow these simple steps to get Sarah’s soft, simple and elegant look which suits all occasions.

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