Emirati artist Ahlam in an attractive and outstanding appearance at the London Palladium

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Emirati artist Ahlam in an attractive and outstanding appearance at the London Palladium
Emirati artist Ahlam in an attractive and outstanding appearance at the London Palladium

The performance of Ahlam al Shamsi, the Emirati artist, at the London Palladium, on the 6th of August, was a huge success. She gave an outstanding performance in front of an enthusiastic audience thrilled by her voice and songs.

Before the scheduled date, Ahlam posted a video on her Instagram page inviting her fans to attend the concert; the video featured the most important landmarks of London next to her picture and with her songs as background music. This concert is considered a very important one due to the importance of the theater described by Ahlam as “worthy of her precious audience”; it is to be noted that two stars, namely Fairuz and Ragheb Alama, her old rival in Arab Idol, performed on this stage before Ahlam.


Ahlam appeared with her usual elegance; she was wearing a modern mauve evening gown with long sleeves and a wonderful hair style that revealed the features of her face. Ahlam is known for her beautiful and outstanding jewelry; she appeared wearing astonishing diamond earrings and rings to add more seduction to her look. Her amazing soft bronze makeup, in harmony with her skin color and her dress, revealed the beauty of her facial features. Her makeup artist outdid himself with an amazing makeup that suited her clothes; a dark smoky eye makeup with some light mauve under lower eyelashes and at tear line; black eyeliner extended outside the eye; lengthening and thickening mascara; eyebrows defined in an arched style with brow pencil and brow mascara and lipstick in a nude color.


If you are a fan of Ahlam, you can apply her makeup style by following below steps:

Face makeup:

Cleanse your skin and apply a moisturizing cream on your face, lips and neck, then wait for 10 minutes. Moisturizing the skin is an important step before putting makeup, because it makes makeup appear more beautiful.

Apply primer in a bronze color as a preliminary base, because it makes makeup stay put for longer time.

Apply concealer to hide skin blemishes and dark circles around the eyes.

Apply foundation in a bronze color with a special brush; spread foundation on your entire face reaching the neck zone and blend well to unify skin color.

Apply blush in a light bronze color on you cheeks and spread it with a brush reaching the ear zone.

Eye makeup:

Start eye makeup by applying on your mobile eyelid an eyeshadow in a bronze shade that suits your skin color; then apply a smoky color eyeshadow at outer end of eyelid and distribute with a brush making it lighter as you get closer to the tear line; with a tapered brush, apply eyeshadow in a mauve color at lower eyelid and a little of it at tear line; with black eyeliner, define upper and lower eyelid extending lines outside the eye and then joining them; finally put lengthening and thickening mascara to get an attractive eye makeup.

Lips makeup:

Choose a lipstick in nude color suitable to your look for more beauty and seduction.

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