Droopy eyes: Applying the right makeup in 5 steps

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Droopy eyes: Applying the right makeup in 5 steps
Droopy eyes: Applying the right makeup in 5 steps

Eyes differ by their shape and size; eyes can be deep set or protruding, almond shaped or hooded, etc. This article will focus on droopy eyes and how to apply makeup to them in a suitable way.


Droopy eyes feature an outer corner bending downward which makes them look sad. Following are steps to apply a makeup that will lift up the outer corner to make it look more natural.

1. Eyebrow makeup for droopy eyes

The brow shape is the key for a correct makeup since brows are the frame of eyes. In the case of droopy eyes, they should not be low and pointing downward since this will accentuate the droopy look of the eyes. In case of droopy eyes, we have to widen space between the brow and the eye in order to give the eye a wide look.


2. Applying concealer for droopy eyes:

Dark circles accentuate the look of droopy eyes; therefore you should use a concealer under the eyes to give them a lifted up aspect.


3. Applying eyeshadow for droopy eyes: 

To counterbalance the droopy eyelid at outer corner, eyeshadow has to be carefully applied. A dark color should be applied at the outer corner of the eye; blend the color from the center of the lid toward the outer corner of the eye in the direction of the brow to give the eye a lifted up look.  The inner corner of the eye should be highlighted with light colors such as pearl colors which will give the eye a harmonious shape.


4. Eyeliner for droopy eyes:

The aim is to lift up the eye, therefore eyeliner or kohl should be applied as a line on upper lid near the end of lashes. The line should start at the center and extended toward the end of lashes in an upward manner. 


5. Mascara for droopy eyes:

Mascara plays an important role in emphasizing lashes and therefore lifting up the eye. Apply mascara from root to tip of eyelashes in an upward direction toward the outer corner. You can use some false eyelashes at the outer corner of the eye to give the eye a raised look. Avoid applying mascara to lower lashes; it will give eyes a droopier look. All you need to do is applying a concealer.


As we said in earlier articles, the first step for a well done makeup is to know the shape of your eyes shape to be able to apply the makeup that suits them.

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