Draw your eyebrows quickly and easily with a pencil

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  • Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Draw your eyebrows quickly and easily with a pencil
Draw your eyebrows quickly and easily with a pencil

In case you have to leave the house without makeup, you should at least draw your eyebrows! Most of us don’t have an ideal thick eyebrow shape like Cara Delevingne.

Regarding the importance of eyebrows in defining the shape of the face and the eyes, one of the first and most important makeup steps for an elegant and attractive look is to get an ideal brow drawing. 

Drawing eyebrows with a pencil is the oldest and easiest way. Although there are numerous modern tools to define eyebrows, a brow pencil remains the easiest and quickest tool when you don’t have much time to spend on drawing your eyebrows.

First of all you should delimit the shape of your eyebrows for a natural drawing that suits your face.

How to delimit the shape of eyebrows:

As a first step, you should determine the length of your eyebrow i.e. identify the starting and ending points of your eyebrows according to the shape of your face and eyes. This requires:

1. Identifying the starting point: put a pencil in a vertical way adjacent to your nose to determine the starting point of eyebrows.

2. Identifying the ending point: put a pencil in an oblique way from the end of your nose to the end of your eye to determine the ending point of your eyebrow. 

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With this easy and quick method you can determine the length of the eyebrow that suits the shape of your face, as its length influences the shape of the eyes and face. 


How to define eyebrows with a pencil:

Beauty experts advise beginners to use a pencil for defining eyebrows; a pencil is easier to control and is less likely to cause drawing mistakes. Follow these simple steps to draw your eyebrows with a pencil:

1. First groom your eyebrows by removing excess hair with tweezers, and if necessary trim eyebrow hair a little. Make sure to cleanse your face before starting to draw eyebrows.

2. After determining eyebrow length, you have to determine their width or thickness. It is up to you to decide on that but we advise to avoid exaggeration. Draw the limits close to your eyebrow hair for a natural, beautiful look. Before that comb your eyebrows upward to trim their shape.

3. Always start by defining the bottom part from beginning to end. After that define the upper part, but leave beginning of brows undefined for a more natural look.

Fill gaps by drawing light strokes that look like eyebrow hair. Always hold the pencil in a gentle manner without putting any pressure on it; this will give you a natural drawing.

Follow these quick and easy steps to master the technique of drawing eyebrows with a pencil. And glow with a perfect and natural eyebrow drawing that suits your face.

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