Discover the best foundation according to your skin type

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  • Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Discover the best foundation according to your skin type
Discover the best foundation according to your skin type

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  • Types of foundations
  • Best day foundation
  • Best foundation for oily skin
  • Best foundation for dry skin
  • Best foundation for combination skin

Foundation is the main layer of makeup. It is one of the most important and indispensable makeup products; it ensures complete coverage of the face and hides skin imperfections to give you a velvety, soft and unified complexion.

If you prefer not to use foundation for your daily makeup, you can use BB or CC creams. With their light texture, the creams give highly effective face coverage.


Types of foundations


  1. Liquid foundation

    Provides a light-textured full coverage and helps moisturizing the face; suits normal, dry and combination skin. We recommend applying face powder over it for a better longevity.

  2. Compact or powder foundation

    Provides a light, natural coverage; suits oily skin more than other types of skin; its efficiency in absorbing skin oils allows for a long-lasting makeup.

  3. Stick foundation

    Provides a perfect coverage for oily skin; it is preferable not to use it every day so it does not cause skin dryness and therefore accentuate appearance of wrinkles.

  4. Cream foundation

Envelops skin with a silky layer; suits normal, dry and combination skin for a perfect, velvety coverage.

Best day foundation

A day foundation envelops the face with a light-textured, thin layer allowing the skin to breathe.  It can be used daily for a natural look far from excessive thick layers of foundation.

We chose for you:

  • All Nighter Foundation by Urban Decay


    A waterproof formula that absorbs oil to provide a complete coverage lasting all day long; applying only one layer provides a perfect coverage with a matte soft finish for a natural look.

  • Le Teint Touche Éclat by Yves Saint Laurent


    Provides a light-textured full coverage and feels weightless on the skin; its long-lasting wear offers 8 hours of perfect coverage a day. Helps reduce the look of fatigue in the early morning to give you a refreshed, radiant skin.

    Day foundation is considered to be the best foundation for active women and university students who spend a lot of time away from home; it gives them a long-lasting, perfect light coverage.


    Best foundation for oily skin

    Oily skin needs special types of makeup products. Excess sebum does not allow makeup to stay put for a long time.

    Foundation for oily skin is oil-free to give a matte look that lasts long.

    We chose for you:

    Infallible Pro-Matte by L’Oréal Paris


    Provides light coverage with an extraordinary matte finish lasting 24 hours! Its liquid formula allows an easy application and gives a matte look; best for oily skin.

  • Air de Teint by Lancôme


    Unique with its lightweight formula for a no-makeup natural look; its light-textured, perfect coverage gives you a blemish-free and matte skin.

    We recommend using face powder, compact or loose, to make foundation last longer and ensure absorption of excess sebum.

    Best foundation for dry skin

    Dry skin is sensitive and needs special care, moisturizing and using suitable makeup products such as a moisturizing foundation for dry skin to prevent dryness and cracks that give an unattractive look.

    We chose for you:

  • True Match Foundation by L’Oréal Paris


    Designed to match exactly the skin color and type, it gives you a velvety, soft and blemish-free skin. Its smooth formula makes it easy to apply; ideal for dry skin.

  • Luminous Silk foundation by Armani


    It envelops your skin with a silky layer giving you a velvety, matte finish. Long-lasting in all circumstances.

    We recommend using a liquid or creamy foundation for dry skin. Avoid using stick or powder foundation that accentuates skin dryness.

    Best foundation for combination skin

    Combination skin is dry in some areas and oily in others and that’s confusing; would you moisturize it or use a mattifying product!

    Don’t worry! Makeup products suitable for combination skin do exit to give you a homogeneous skin and a unified look.

    We chose for you:

  • Power Fabric Foundation by Armani


    Contains oils to help moisturizing the skin and gives a matte look at the same time for a perfect, radiant finish that suits combination skin.

  • Fit Me foundation by Maybelline


Designed for all types of skin, its formula comes in two textures - one for normal to dry skin and one for normal to oily skin to provide perfect coverage.

If you have a combination skin, using powder over the oily areas of the face reduces excess sebum for a more stable makeup.

Foundation comes in many types to suit various skin types and in many colors to suit different skin colors.  All you need to know is your skin type in order to choose the suitable foundation that gives you a perfect coverage and a radiant, luminous face.

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