Discover the best day foundation for your skin

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Discover the best day foundation for your skin
Discover the best day foundation for your skin

Foundation is the basic element of a day or evening makeup. It covers skin imperfections and unifies skin color to give you an ideal blemish-free skin. As with other makeup product, there are various types of foundation to suit all types of skin; the formula of a foundation for oily skin will differ from the one for dry or combination skin.

One of the most common questions asked about foundation is: what is the best day foundation?

A proper answer requires knowing first your skin type and then the suitable foundation its type; this will allow you to select the foundation you prefer best, whether by brand or trial, or according to a recommendation by a friend.

Therefore we will help find out, according to your skin type, the best day foundation among latest versions created by brands loved by many due to their quality and moderate prices.

Best foundation for oily skin:

An oily skin is characterized by more sebum production than other types of skin; this excessive sebum gives the skin an undesirable shine and prevents makeup to stay put. Thus the foundation for oily skin has a special velvety oil free formula that absorbs oil and minimizes pores to reduce excess sebum and give a matte and shine-free finish that lasts long.

We selected for you:

1. Fit me Matte & Poreless by Maybelline New York


Suits normal to oily skin giving you an ideal shine-free coverage through minimizing pores to regulate sebum production.

2. Infallible 24H-Matte by L’Oréal Paris


An easy to apply foundation; it gives you a complete coverage, leaving your skin silky with a matte and non-shiny finish.

3. Stay Matte but not Flat Liquid Foundation by NYX Professional Makeup


Previously, a matte foundation formula used to be dry and difficult to apply giving you a dry, dull and unattractive skin. But now with their new liquid formula, matte foundations became easy to apply giving you a velvety finish, after being absorbed by the skin. These foundations ensure a perfect coverage for oily skin while leaving it silky and not dull.


Best foundation for dry skin:

The foundation for dry skin should have an oily texture to cover the skin in a homogeneous way without any cracks due to skin dryness. It is of utmost importance to moisturize well the skin before applying the foundation in order to get a better result.

We selected for you:

1. Superstay Foundation by Maybelline New York


This foundation provides complete coverage up to 24 hours giving your skin a soft, silky and non-shiny finish.

2. Infallible Total Cover by L’Oréal Paris


It blends instantly for a full coverage giving you a perfect skin that allows taking beautiful selfies.

3. Total Control Drop Foundation by NYX Professional Makeup


Allows controlling the amount of drops for a sheer to full skin coverage; this liquid formula blends easily to ensure a complete coverage leaving the skin with a silky touch and a velvety finish at the same time.

By using a foundation that suits your skin type, say goodbye to skin imperfections; get an ideal coverage and a natural look reflecting the radiance and youth of your skin.

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