Define your eyes in 10 attractive ways for the Eid

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Define your eyes in 10 attractive ways for the Eid
Define your eyes in 10 attractive ways for the Eid

Eyeliner is one of the most important cosmetics for eye makeup; it reveals and enhances the beauty of the eyes. Women love to wear eyeliner and always look for new things in the world of eye makeup.

In the attached album, you will find photos of latest eyeliner styles. Get inspired and choose what suits your taste to shine with an elegant and beautiful look.

Simple graphic eyeliner: drawn in the shape of a large arrow at outer corner of eye in the manner shown in the photo, it extends to inner corner reaching the tear line and ends there with a fine drawing to give the eye and outstanding and charming look.

Cat eyeliner: start at outer corner by drawing a large wing and continue inward to reach inner corner with a fine line; preferably place a piece of adhesive tape in a sharp angled way at outer corner of eye to ensure a well-drawn line and a dramatic look.

Soft eyeliner (on upper eyelid only): draw a soft and fine line on upper eyelid along eyelashes and don’t extend the line outward to get an attractive day makeup look.

Eyeliner at outer side of eye: it is applied to thicken eyelashes. Apply eyeliner from last third of eye and let eyeliner penetrate between eyelashes to give them a thicker look.

Eyeliner on entire eye except corners: eye is defined at base of upper and lower eyelashes and corners are left undefined; this will give you an outstanding and seductive eye look.

Double winged eyeliner with white kohl: define your eyes with lines at base of upper and lower eyelashes; start after inner third of eye and extend the line toward outer corner. Then apply a line of white kohl inside the eye and extend outward to separate the two eyeliner lines.

Arabian eyeliner (defining the entire eye): it is winged eyeliner at both corners of eye. The eye is defined with a black eyeliner pencil and then black kohl is put inside the eye to emphasize its beauty and width. It is an extremely bold style used by girls for wedding ceremonies and special occasions. Don’t use this style if you have small eyes. 

Thick eyeliner on lower eyelashes: define lower eyelashes only. This style helps to hide fatigue signs around the eyes.

Graphic eyeliner with elaborated lines: it is somehow a fun style that you can try a least once for a special occasion. Wear a classic red lipstick for a more seductive look.

Colored eyeliner: it consist in applying eyeliner in various colors such as white, pastel, gold or silver. Apply color eyeliner in one of the previous styles of a different and attractive look.

Apply any of above styles for an attractive and sharp eye expression.

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