Dana Jabr’s day and evening makeup styles

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Dana Jabr’s day and evening makeup styles
Dana Jabr’s day and evening makeup styles

Dana Jabr, the well-known actress, wears various styles of makeup to suit different characters, ambiances and occasions in television series, and, she always appears beautiful.

Let us acquaint you with Dana’s light and heavy makeup styles.



- Makeup suits Dana and emphasizes the beauty of her face. She always define the inner and outer limits of her eyes with black kohl


- She applies false lashes and uses mascara to combine them with natural lashes.

- For this makeup look, she defined her eyes with eyeliner then applied kohl over eyeliner to set it in a better way. After that she blended the kohl line by dabbing with a tapered brush.

- She used black eyeshadow to give her eyes a shaper and more mysterious look.

- She defined her eyebrows in a thick way to suit the eye makeup and applied concealer under the brows for an enhanced look.

- She used a little white kohl at the eye tear line for a more luminous look. - She used foundation in bronze color to suit the heavy makeup.

- She covered foundation with a bronze powder to give enhance the radiance to her skin.

- She chose a bronze blush to add glow to her look.

- She enlarged her lips through makeup and chose lipstick in strong a color such as classic red and plum. The result is an outstanding and amazing make up.

Day makeup


Dana has big eyes and loves to define their inner rim with black kohl to emphasize their width and beauty.

- She defined her eyes with eyeliner than applied black kohl on the eyeliner line and blended the kohl line by dabbing over it.

- She defined her entire eye in an Arabian makeup style.


- She used lengthening and thickening mascara to add more beauty to her eyes.

- She defined her eyebrows with small strokes in the direction of the hairs for an elegant and natural look.

- She used lipstick in a nude color for more radiant look.

- She used a light textured foundation in the color of her skin; she has a clear and blemish free face that doesn’t require the use of many creams.

- She applied concealer under her eyes to blur dark circles making her eyes look more beautiful.

- She covered foundation and concealer with a translucent powder to give her skin a velvety look revealing the beauty of her skin color.

- She used a little highlighter on her cheeks to emphasize them.

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