Classical makeup in easy steps

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Classical makeup in easy steps
Classical makeup in easy steps

Do you wish to discover the secrets and steps of classical makeup to get a feminine and charming look? Classical makeup is a style favored by women; it adds a lot of charm to facial features in addition to being the makeup that was used by movie stars such as Marilyn Monroe and others.

Classical makeup relies on using black eyeliner to define the eye with a neat and somehow thick line and on applying lipstick in a strong color. Now with the existence of a wide variety of cosmetic products, you can add your personal touch by using eyeshadow in colors that suit the look you want for a captivating and elegant classical makeup.

Below are steps to apply an easy and outstanding classical makeup:

1. Moisturize your face with a cream that suits your skin type; wait for 5 to 10 minutes to let your skin absorb the cream well, before applying any other cosmetic product.

2. Apply concealer, with your fingers or with a brush, around the eyes to hide dark circles. Choose a concealer one degree lighter than your skin color to give radiance to your eyes; this will make you look younger.

3. Apply foundation on your face and blend it well with a brush or a makeup sponge then set it with face powder to give softness and radiance to your skin. Make sure to choose a foundation that suits your skin color.

4. Apply eyeshadow in a silver color on mobile eyelid and use a slightly darker color on outer end of upper eyelid. Blend colors with a brush.

5. Put eyeliner on upper eyelid at the base of eyelashes. Draw a thin line at beginning of eye and make it gradually thicker from middle to end of eye.

6. You can use a false eyelash strip to put more emphasis on your eyes or use individual lashes for a softer look, or you can only apply two coats of mascara to thicken and lengthen your eyelashes for an attractive look.

7. Trim your eyebrows and remove excess hair but keep them natural and thick as much as possible. Define your eyebrows with a dark brown pencil but never use a black color; you can also use a brow powder in a dark brown color. Fill the gaps.

8. Use blush in a pink or bronze color to add glow to your cheeks.

9. Use a lip contour pencil to define your lips. Put lipstick in a dark red color and try not to exceed lip borders.

With such a spectacular and classical makeup, you will be ready to attend any special occasion.

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