Carole Samaha’s makeup at Batroun International Festival

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Carole Samaha’s makeup at Batroun International Festival
Carole Samaha’s makeup at Batroun International Festival

Singer Carole Samaha starred at the opening of Batroun International Festival with her extremely successful concert; a huge audience applauded her exceptional performance and admired her beautiful look.


Carole appeared with a soft makeup suiting her elegant white dress; how about discovering the secrets of her makeup as revealed by her personal beauty expert.


Carole loves beauty and likes to show it; she exercises to keep her body flexible and does exercises for her facial muscles to prevent wrinkles and sagging skin.

- She drinks enough water every day; water is necessary for a healthy and fresh skin. - She maintains fresh eyes and keeps away dark circles by sleeping enough.

- She follows a special beauty routine and applies nourishing face and eye masks to keep her skin radiant and fresh.

- She washes her face daily with a suitable face wash then dries it and applies moisturizing creams to avoid wrinkles and keep a young look. As for her makeup during the festival, her personal beauty expert told us the following:


- Carole has a soft blemish free skin; she chose a soft light coverage foundation to hide fine lines.

- She applied a concealer under the eyes distributing it by dabbing gently with a beauty blender sponge.

- She covered foundation and concealer with face powder for a more attractive look.

- She chose a simple smoky eye makeup; she used an ivory eyeshadow on entire eyelid distributing it with a brush; blended a dark smoky color on fixed eyelid only and then applied the same color on lower eyelid.

- She groomed her eyebrows and filled the gaps with a brow pencil in a light shade to suit her hair and eyebrow colors; she used gel and brow mascara to comb her eyebrows for a more elegant look.

- She applied black kohl inside her eyes for a more seductive look.

- She applied two coats of mascara to thicken her eyelashes. - She chose a pink blush to add a natural glow to her cheeks. - She illuminated her face with a highlighter for a more outstanding look.

- She chose a pink lipstick for a more beautiful look.

Carole captivated her audience with her wonderful voice; during more than ninety minutes, she sang a variety of her old and new hits. She surprised the audience by performing for the first time a song from Umm Kulthum’s repertoire, and inflamed the public with Sabah’s songs.

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