Carla Haddad’s latest makeup looks… Get inspired and choose what suits your style

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Carla Haddad’s latest makeup looks… Get inspired and choose what suits your style
Carla Haddad’s latest makeup looks… Get inspired and choose what suits your style

Carla Haddad, an actress, model and TV presenter, shined in many fields. Carla’s success is not accidental and is partly due to her refined taste in choosing her makeup and clothes, whether casual or for evening, in an elegant way that suits the spirit of fashion.


In the attached album, we selected her most recent appearance on Instagram so you can choose the makeup that suits your taste, color skin and style.

If you like her makeup style, you can easily apply it by following below steps:

- Carla makes sure to cleanse and take care of her skin; she uses nourishing masks on a weekly basis and exfoliates her skin to add glow to her skin. Every night she removes all makeup residues before going to bed to keep her skin always radiant.

- Carla makes sure to moisturize her skin every morning with a suitable day cream that contains natural ingredients to moisturize and nourish her skin. She also applies a sunscreen with a high SPF to protect her skin from harmful sun rays.

- Before starting her makeup, with the help of a her beauty expert, she makes sure to apply a soft primer to ensure her makeup will stay put for up to 8 hours a day.

- She chooses a soft foundation in the same color as her skin and distributes it on her entire face and neck with a brush.

- She uses a concealer to hide dark circles under the eyes.

- She covers foundation and concealer with a face powder to add more beauty to her face.

- She starts her makeup by applying eyeshadow in nude and light pink colors; these colors are perfect to reveal the beauty and seduction of her eyes.


- She loves to define her eye with black eyeliner in a cat eye or winged style to add more seduction to her beautiful wide eyes.


- Carla uses thickening mascara to add more charm to her eye makeup.

- She chooses blush in a light pink color to add more liveliness to her look.

- Finally, she uses lipstick in nude or light pink color to complete her attractive makeup.

Carla Haddad, a TV presenter, model and comedian, started her career as a program presenter then moved to acting where she caught the attention of the public in many roles. She continues her career in the artistic world on more than one level.

Today, Carla has more than 580 thousand followers on Instagram and a large audience; she is one of the few who knows how to choose suitable colors in makeup. We hope you will like the selected looks and try to apply them.

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