Can I wear makeup after a filler or laser session?

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Can I wear makeup after a filler or laser session?

After undergoing filler injections or hair removal laser, the first thing that comes to your mind is: can I wear makeup after the session?


In general, the skin becomes sensitive after a session of filler or laser; and the degree of sensitivity varies according to the type of skin. This requires taking good care of the skin before and after the session, and being very careful when putting makeup.

4 tips for putting makeup after filler or laser sessions


1. Make sure to cleanse your skin before the session:

Before the session, remove all makeup and cleanse your face with a deep foam wash to protect your skin from any complications and to allow a good skin diagnosis by the operating technician.

2. Avoid putting makeup after filler or laser sessions:

After a session, don’t put makeup before at least 12 hours because the sensitized skin is prone to irritations or infections. Try to cancel all your appointments to avoid putting makeup after the session.

3. Putting a little makeup on the next day of the session

It is preferable not to put makeup on the next day of the session to protect the skin from any damages; but if you have to put makeup the next morning, make sure to put as little makeup as possible.

We recommend using mineral cosmetics as they contain mineral salts that are beneficial to the skin and do not irritate it unlike regular cosmetics that contain fragrances and preservatives.

4. Adopt a light makeup after filler and laser sessions

The primary aim of filler and laser sessions is to enhance the beauty of your face; therefore we recommend using a light natural makeup after undergoing such treatments to maintain a radiant and healthy skin. Makeup is a double edged weapon; it can reveal your beauty but it can also accelerate the appearance of aging signs.

Follow  the above tips after filler or laser sessions to get the expected result and to keep your skin looking young.

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