Best ways to hide dark circles with makeup

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Best ways to hide dark circles with makeup
Best ways to hide dark circles with makeup

Eyes are our window to this world and beautiful eyes add a lot of seduction to the face but the appearance of dark circles can spoil their beauty. Dark circles around the eyes are common to all age groups, and they are an upsetting problem, especially for women.

What are the reasons behind the appearance of dark circles?


Dark circles around the eyes can be hereditary; in this case it is difficult to get rid of them but they can be reduced;

Smoking and excess salt in food;

Sleeping disorders;


Stress and fatigue plus staying for hours in front of a digital screen;

Not drinking enough water;

Staying in the sun;

Drinking a lot of stimulant beverages.

How to hide dark circles with makeup


Dark circles can be erased by using makeup in two ways:

First way:

The use of moisturizer and primer: apply a moisturizing cream around the eyes then apply a primer to reduce the signs of fatigue around the eyes.

Apply a concealer suitable to your skin color; in general, the concealer should be lighter than foundation by one or two degrees. Make sure to choose a soft concealer to avoid an artificial appearance will reveal dark circles instead of hiding them. Apply concealer in a gentle dabbing motion and don’t rub it; this will help to hide wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes. If you have an oily skin, put a bit of loose powder on your skin with a medium size brush in order to get a refreshed natural look.

Second way:


Cleansing and moisturizing: cleanse your face with a suitable wash and put a suitable moisturizer, especially around the eyes.

Apply a concealer in a yellow or orange color; these two colors help erasing dark circles. Avoid light concealers, they accentuate dark circles. Apply a drop of creamy concealer under the eye, then distribute it and blend it well with a brush or with your fingers. This step is very important for an attractive look.

Apply powder in a bronze color under your cheekbones. Put a little blush on your cheeks and extend it outward. Blend well powder and blush using a medium size brush, and get a velvety and blemish free skin with no dark circles around the eyes.

Tips for preventing the appearance of dark circles

Take a break and massage your eyes in a gentle manner, at least, once a day.

Make sure to remove makeup and cleanse your face and with a suitable wash before going to bed.

Sleep well for at least 6 hours every day.

Use ice cubes made from clean water and rose water.

Apply natural masks that reduces the appearances of dark circles; the most important masks are; cucumber mask, potato mask and tomato mask.

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