Best stars’ makeup looks in November

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Best stars’ makeup looks in November
Best stars’ makeup looks in November

The advance in technology brought a huge change in all aspects of life; social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram gave fans the opportunity to follow their favorite stars and get a closer look on their way of life. By the same means, stars can share their photos and find out, through likes and comments, the extent of their appreciation by public.

We gathered some outstanding photos that got highest viewing rates and appreciation from the public. Who do you think is the star that had the best makeup in November?


Nancy Ajram

She appeared in The Voice Kids program with an outstanding makeup that revealed the beauty of her eyes; she was good at choosing the right style that suited her skin color.


She appeared in a strong and outstanding makeup on the Emirates National Day and in an outstanding smoky makeup on another occasion.


Her makeup was outstanding and well done; it suited her medium wheat color skin.


The elegant “queen of emotions” appeared in a very simple and beautiful makeup with her eyes defined with black kohl.

Myriam Fares

The “queen of stages” appeared with a soft makeup in colors that suited her elegance.


She appeared in a beautiful and harmonious dark eye makeup and a strong color lipstick.

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