Best soft makeup looks, in photos

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Best soft makeup looks, in photos
Best soft makeup looks, in photos

A soft makeup reflects the natural beauty of a woman in a feminine way; this makes it the most used makeup style by women.

A soft makeup relies on using eyeshadow, whether light or dark, in quiet colors, and in defining eyes and face in a soft natural manner to get a light and soft attractive makeup.

Learn, in steps, how to apply the most beautiful soft makeup:

1. A soft makeup looks better if skin is in good condition; make sure to cleanse your face daily and to exfoliate it at least once a week, in addition moisturize your skin and remove makeup, especially before bedtime.

2. Prepare your skin and protect it from the harmful effects of cosmetics; apply a primer before putting makeup to let your makeup stay put all day long and to reduce fine lines.


3. Use a foundation in the same color of your skin or one degree darker; preferably, use a light textured foundation for a natural coverage.

4. Apply concealer to hide under eye dark circles or any other skin imperfection.


5. Distribute a light layer of a translucent or pressed face powder with a large brush to get a velvety soft skin and to set foundation and concealer.

6. Apply a bronzer or a powder contour on areas you want to emphasize or sculpt such as cheeks, sides of forehead or nose.

7. Put blush in a natural color such as pink on cheekbones for an amazing glow.

8. Define your eyebrows with any brow drawing product; choose a color close to your hair color to draw natural looking eyebrows.


9. Choose eyeshadow in quiet tones whether light or dark; you can apply eyeshadow the way you want, provided you blend it well.

10. Define your eyes with eyeliner or a kohl pencil in any color you like, provided you draw a thin line to keep a soft makeup look. Finish your makeup by combing your eyelashes with mascara to lengthen and thicken them.

11. Apply lipstick in a nude color such as beige, light brown or pink.

We gathered some photos of best soft makeup looks in the attached album; browse it to choose what suits your various occasions.

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