Best powder types for a makeup that lasts all day

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Best powder types for a makeup that lasts all day
Best powder types for a makeup that lasts all day

Face powder is one of the most important steps of makeup: by absorbing skin oils and unifying complexion, it sets foundation in place for a soft, blemish-free skin and a longer lasting coverage.

Face powder types

Loose powder: it has a light texture and is weightless on the face; applied with a brush, it sets foundation and absorbs skin oils.  

Pressed powder: it has a thick texture and comes in a round, compact shape; it is used to set makeup and unify complexion. It is available in many colors to suit all skin colors.


Best powder types for an all-day lasting makeup

1. Stay Matte But Not Flat by NYX


It combines foundation with powder in one product to give a matte finish for a natural look and a blemish-free skin. As well as it sets makeup through absorbing skin oils.

2. True Match Powder by L’Oréal Paris


As its name indicates, this powder can match all skin colors. It is available in 8 different shades so you can choose the shade that perfectly matches your skin. Unique by its light texture and its soft, velvety finish, it offers a perfect and all-day coverage for all skin blemishes. 

3. Dream Wonder Powder by Maybelline


This powder gives you a medium coverage for a soft, natural look.

Available in 6 shades to suits different skin colors; it gives an all-day lasting coverage.

Add one of these powders to your makeup bag; their small size makes them easy to carry and store.

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