Best makeup tricks to accentuate the beauty of your lips and cheeks

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Best makeup tricks to accentuate the beauty of your lips and cheeks
Best makeup tricks to accentuate the beauty of your lips and cheeks

Make up is a mean to accentuate the beauty of a woman; it gives her an attractive feminine look and more self-confidence. Therefore, women should choose and apply makeup in a smart way to enhance her beauty. Lipstick is a mean to accentuate beauty of lips and splendor of smile. Blush is a mean to emphasize beauty of cheeks; if chosen in a color that suits skin color, it will add attractiveness to your look.

To find more about the best ways of applying lipstick and blush, follow below simple tips for a soft and coordinated look.

Lip makeup

Taking care of lips and moisturizing them


Massage your lips for 5 minutes daily in a circular motion; this helps to improve blood circulation in lips, therefore increasing their attractiveness.

Pass ice cubes on your lips daily; the coldness of ice revitalizes lip tissue.

Pass a tooth brush on lips in horizontal movements from right to left to help renewal of cells. Put a moisturizing cream to get a soft and hydrated skin all day long.

Shaping lips


Apply concealer by gently dabbing on lips and around the mouth to get rid of fine lines; this will also hide the natural border of lips so you can draw a new border for bigger and fuller lips.

To define your lips in an attractive way, start by using a lip contour pencil in a nude color darker than your skin color by two degrees. Define your lips to prevent lipstick from bleeding.

Then choose a lip contour in the same color of the lipstick you want to use. Apply it from center of upper lip line toward outer corners to define the Cupid’s bow. Then move to lower lip and follow, from corner to corner, the line of the nude lip contour you previously applied.

Apply lipstick in a light color such as nude, pink and light beige, or in dark colors such as dark brown or classic red.

Blend contour with lipstick with a thin makeup brush; you can also add a layer of gloss at center of lips for a fuller and more attractive look.

To make your lips look bigger, put a touch of white powder at central edge of upper lip for a fuller look, and also a little powder at center of lower lip for a wider look.

Lipstick ingredients play an important role in giving lipstick an attractive appearance; therefore make sure to get it from a renowned brand.

If you have full lips, you should use dark lipstick. If you have thin lips, you should rely on shiny colors for a fuller and more radiant look.

Tips for an attractive lipstick

Apply the color at center of lips and extend with a brush toward the corners and the border of the mouth.

For lipstick to stay in place for a long time, apply the color then gently press a paper tissue over the lips to remove excess color. After that put a little face powder on your lips and reapply lipstick.

To get shiny lips, put a layer of neutral color lip gloss over lipstick.

To get matte lips, apply lipstick then gently dab it with a paper tissue.

To get sheer lips, use a lip moisturizer with a hint of a neutral color lipstick and blend them.

For an outstanding evening look, choose a lipstick darker, by one or two degrees, than the one you use during the day.

Cheek makeup

For glowing cheeks


When cleansing your face with a wash that suits your skin type, massage your cheeks and the area close to your mouth in a circular motion to strengthen facial muscles and accentuate the beauty of cheeks.

Apply moisturizer on cheeks area and leave it until it is absorbed by skin.

Apply foundation in the same color of your skin and extend it toward the ears.

Then apply highlighter on cheeks; it accentuates cheekbones by reflecting light on them. It is advisable to apply glossy highlighter on cheekbones to also give them a fuller look. Use a round cheek brush and apply highlighter by gently dabbing on upper part of cheeks.

Use powder cosmetic products in dark shades such as earth colors; a dark shade helps your cheeks look bigger, especially when it is applied in coordination with lighter shades. Dip the flat brush in a brown cheek powder and shake it strongly to get rid of excess powder. Pass the flat brush on cheeks in an oblique line from edge of lips until ears, and try to blend cheek powder with foundation to give a subtle shade to this area. Dip the round cheek brush in a beige or nude color cheek powder then gently pass it on upper part of cheeks next to eye area. Don’t forget to emphasize temples, forehead and chin in a coordinated way with cheek makeup.

Tips for an attractive look with full and natural cheeks

For an outstanding look that emphasizes the beauty of your cheeks, put the darker blush color on cheekbones and the lighter one around them.

Gently tap on the blush brush to remove excess amount of blush before applying it; this will prevent unequal distribution of the product.

Blend the colors well to avoid appearance of distinct lines between the two colors.

Blush is used to enhance your complexion and not to change the natural color of skin. Use a little blush during the day, and adopt a darker blush color for the evening.

Make sure to blend well the blush with the foundation; otherwise it will make you look will make you look older.

For special occasions, put some pearl powder on your cheekbones.

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