Best makeup looks that suit a hat with net veil

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Best makeup looks that suit a hat with net veil
Best makeup looks that suit a hat with net veil

Wearing a British hat with net veil is an elegant style that suits official occasions; it gives you a mysterious and decent look. Therefore make sure to choose a makeup that reveals the beauty of your features from behind the veil. How about discovering the best makeup looks that suits a hat with net veil?

Experts recommend choosing a smoky make up in grey or earth tones and a lipstick in an outstanding color. Here are some tips to help you choosing what is best for this style.


Preparing he skin

- Cleanse your face well with a suitable wash then rinse it with warm water and dry it well. Apply a moisturizing cream to nourish your skin and keep it refreshed and young.

- Before putting makeup, apply a primer to let your makeup stay put and reveal its colors in a beautiful way.

- Apply a foundation that suits your skin color; use a beauty blender sponge and a flat brush to ensure a homogenous distribution.

- Add a little concealer under the eyes and distribute it by dabbing gently with a beauty blender to blur dark circles and give your eye makeup an outstanding and mysterious look.

- Cover previous layers with face powder; spread it with a large soft bristle brush to distribute it in a homogeneous and non-excessive manner.

Eye makeup

- Start by applying an eyelid primer on entire eyelids; this will make eyeshadow colors look more beautiful.

- Choose an eyeshadow palette in earth tones i.e. shades of brown or in grey colors including a black color. Choose a style from the attached album and apply it.

- Define your eyes with eyeliner in a winged or cat eye style for more radiance and glow.

- Apply mascara to lengthen and thicken your eyelashes.

- Put black kohl inside the eyes for a more mysterious look.

- You can add a touch of highlighter at the tear line to give your eyes a sharper and wider look.

- Put a little blush in a pink or peach color; this depends on the eyeshadow color you chose. Distribute blush on your cheeks to get a radiant look.

- Groom your eyebrows and define them with an eyebrow pencil in a natural way.

Lip makeup

- Lipstick plays an important role in the elegance and beauty of makeup; therefore make sure to choose a quality lipstick from a well-known brand.

- Put a little concealer on your lips to hide fine lines.

- Apply lipstick with a lip brush to get beautiful velvety lips.

The British hat with net veil is worn for official occasions by high class society women. Try to wear and apply above tips to get a feminine and attractive look.

We selected the most beautiful makeup looks for a British hat so you can choose what suits your taste. We hope you will like them.

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