Best long-lasting makeup for oily skin

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Best long-lasting makeup for oily skin
Best long-lasting makeup for oily skin


If you have an oily skin, the good news is that your skin type delays the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging. But certainly you do have a problem with your makeup; it doesn’t stay on for a long time and you feel annoyed with the shine that appears on your face.

Don’t worry. All you need to do is to take care of your oily skin by following some tips that help reducing excess sebum production, and to use oil-free cosmetic products designed for oily skin. This will allow you to get the best, long-lasting makeup for oily skin without worrying about a shiny face.

8 makeup tips for oily skin

1. Cleanse your skin:

Make sure you remove your makeup once you arrive home or before bedtime by using a deep foaming facial wash. Before putting makeup, wipe your face with a cotton wet with a facial toner that energizes the skin and reduces excess sebum.

Also try applying masks that absorbs skin oils such as charcoal masks or volcanic clay masks.

2. Use a primer:

We always recommend using a primer before applying makeup. It is a must for oily skin to get a silky skin freed from excess sebum thus ensuring a longer lasting makeup.


3. Use makeup products designed especially for oily skin:

Always use oil-free foundations and blushers designed for oily skin; their formulas minimize pores and therefore give you a velvety, shine-free skin. Mineral makeup products free from chemicals are ideal for oily skin.


4. Avoid using an eye concealer:

It is know that concealer is used as a base layer to hide dark circles and redness around the eye, but it is not advisable for oily skin. Replace concealer with an eye primer that absorbs oils, makes eye makeup stay in place and prevent mascara or eyeliner from smudging under the eyes.


5. Don’t use powder excessively:

The use of powder, compact or loose, is recommended for oily skin to help absorb excess skin oils and make the makeup stay in place. But using too much powder can stimulate more oil secretion! So make sure you apply a light coat of powder.


6. Use water-proof makeup:

What is water-resistant is also oil-resistant; therefore adopt waterproof makeup such as waterproof mascara or eyeliner. It lasts long and is difficult to remove; in addition it does not smudge.


7. Avoid putting too much cream or makeup:

Use anti-aging or moisturizing creams only at bedtime. During the day, use a light-textured cream or a nourishing serum quickly absorbed by the skin. Also choose an oil-free, matte sunscreen. The most important rule for oily skin makeup is not to put a lot of makeup!


8. Refresh your makeup during the day

Even if you followed all abovementioned tips and used a velvety makeup, your skin will produce oil during the day. Make sure to carry blotting sheets for oily skin or any resistant paper tissue that absorbs excess oil; press a sheet against the oily parts of the face - do not wipe - to absorb excess sebum.

Make sure to put in your purse a face powder and a small kabuki brush to add a thin layer of powder on the shiniest parts of the face, throughout the day.

Glow with a shine-free skin and a makeup that lasts all day long by following these easy and quick makeup tips for oily skin.

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