Tips for applying eyeliner to deep set eyes

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Tips for applying eyeliner to deep set eyes
Tips for applying eyeliner to deep set eyes

Deep set eyes makeup is one of the difficult kinds of makeup; any mistake could lead to smaller and deeper set eyes. Makeup and especially the way of applying eyeliner differ according to the shape of the eye.


Eyeliner is a double edged weapon; it can enhance the shape of the eye if applied in a correct manner, or it can make the eye look smaller and dull if applied in a wrong manner. You should identify the shape of your eyes then learn how to apply eyeliner in a suitable way.

In this article we will show you how to suitably apply eyeliner for deep set eyes; following are some easy and simple tips and tricks.

How to know that your eyes are deep set?


Deep set eyes are set into the eye cavity deeper than any other shape of eyes; lashes are very close to the brow bone, and usually deep set eyes are small eyes. Despite that, deep set eyes have a captivating deep expression.

5 tips to apply eyeliner to deep set eyes

1. Avoid eyeliner large drawings:

Eyeliner should be applied in a thin line at the base of upper lashes; drawing large lines will make eyes look smaller and deeper set.


2. Define only two thirds of the eye:

Draw with eyeliner a line on the last two thirds of the eye i.e. do not start from the beginning of eye; this will give your eyes an enhanced and bigger look.

3. Apply a winged eyeliner:


Winged eyeliner or cat eyeliner suits deep set eyes. Draw a very thin line close to upper lashes then draw an upward diagonal tail. Connect the end of tail with the line previously draw to form a V shape.


4. Do not blend eyeliner:

We do not recommend blending eyeliner for a smoky makeup; smoky makeup will give your eyes a smaller and indistinct look.

5. Define lower eyelid:


Don’t forget to define your lower eyelid with a thin line at the base of lower lashes; it is preferable to define only two thirds of the eye to make it look bigger. And you can apply eyeliner only under the eyes to make deep set eyes glow with radiance and vitality.

From now on, avoid mistakes by applying these simple and essential tips. Enhance the look of your eyes by applying eyeliner for deep set eyes like a professional.

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