Be charming with a trendy soft bridal makeup

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Be charming with a trendy soft bridal makeup
Be charming with a trendy soft bridal makeup

Beauty experts have always had a tendency to use dark eyeshadows for a strong bridal makeup look; but in 2017 a soft wedding makeup became the latest trend. Soft makeup enhances the beauty of the bride on her wedding day by making her look more attractive. For a more seductive and feminine look, you can choose pink and purple shades; gold colors can also be soft on the face. Furthermore, eye makeup and lips makeup should be given equal focus. A bridal look is never complete without a clear and refreshed skin.

Using a white color in eye makeup will make your eyes look wider and add more radiance to your look. For a trendy bridal makeup, put a touch of white at the inner corner of your eye; it will hide the signs of fatigue and exhaustion and give a more luminous look. Cat eyeliner is still the number one in eye makeup for it enhances the eye shape in a seductive way.


One of the most important features of 2017 bridal makeup is the use of pink lipstick to give an elegant touch. You can also use a pink color on your lids for a more radiant look.

For an outstanding look on your wedding day, we suggest you follow this simple method to get a trendy soft bridal makeup.

1. Before putting makeup you should prepare your skin by moisturizing it with a cream that suits your skin type. After that apply foundation; it should be one degree darker than your skin color. Don’t forget to apply a concealer to hide dark circles under the eyes and to cover blemishes.

2. Apply powder to set foundation; powder unifies skin color and gives a soft look.


3. Apply pink eyeshadow on the entire mobile upper lid. Choose a purple color for the outer corner of the eye and blend it well with a brush.

4. Draw a thin line at the base of your lower lashes using the same eyeshadow color you applied at the outer corner of your eye.

5. Put a white eyeshadow under your brows to give more radiance to your face.

6. Use black eyeliner to define your eyes. Draw a line from inner to outer corner of the eye; make the line gradually thicker as you extend it outward to give your eyes a wider look.Then apply mascara to thicken lashes for a more seductive look.

7. Finally use a pink blusher for a soft and radiant look. Put a light pink lipstick to complete this soft and ideal bridal makeup.

These are the latest methods for plumping lips with makeup.

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