Artist Balqees Fathi’s makeup at Dubai Summer Surprises festival 2017

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Artist Balqees Fathi’s makeup at Dubai Summer Surprises festival 2017
Artist Balqees Fathi’s makeup at Dubai Summer Surprises festival 2017

This year, Dubai Summer Surprises festival featured many activities and promotions in addition to concerts given by renowned stars. Glamourous singer, Balqees Ahmad Fathi, performed her most beautiful songs in an atmosphere filled with enthusiasm and fun; her concert, given at Emirates Mall on August 4, was attended by a huge audience.

Balqees appeared with a lively look; she wore a fashionable white pant suit, high heel white sandals and shining gold earrings. Her long hair was styled in a simple soft way and she wore an Arabian makeup style. Balqees has an attractive dark blemish free skin. She used a thin layer of liquid foundation in a bronze color and a little powder for more radiance, and then applied a touch of blush in a peach color for a more glamorous look. Her smoky eye makeup with long and thick false lashes, her black eyeliner and the kohl inside the eye enhanced the beauty of her wide eyes and gave them a captivating dramatic look. She topped her wonderful makeup with lipstick in a brownish bronze color that suited her skin color.

If you are a fan of Balqees, follow below steps to learn how she applies her makeup:

Face makeup:

  • Apply a moisturizing cream on your skin.
  • Apply primer to let makeup stay put all day long.
  • Use concealer to hide skin blemishes, especially dark circles around the eyes.
  • Use a large thick bristle brush to apply a thin layer of a bronze liquid foundation.
  • Apply a bronze powder to cover foundation.
  • Put a touch of peach blush on your cheeks for a more attractive look.

Eye makeup:

  • Put white eyeshadow on entire mobile eyelid.
  • Apply brown eyeshadow at eye crease and at outer corner of eye, try blending them with a soft brush.
  • Put beige eyeshadow under brow bone to add more radiance to your eyes.
  • Choose a gradation of a smoky color that suits your skin color and apply it on entire mobile eyelid.
  • Draw with liquid eyeliner a fine line adjacent to upper eyelashes; start from inner corner of eye and extend the line reaching outer corner of eye; repeat the same step at lower eyelashes. Also define your eyes with black kohl to give them a 3D aspect for more attractiveness.
  • Apply black mascara to lengthen and thicken your eyelashes; you can also use false lashes for a sharper eye expression.

Lips makeup:

  • Apply lipstick in a brownish bronze color and a thin layer of transparent lip gloss.


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