Avoid these mistakes when applying makeup if you are over 30

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Avoid these mistakes when applying makeup if you are over 30
Avoid these mistakes when applying makeup if you are over 30

The aim of makeup is to enhance the attractiveness of a woman, by highlighting the beauty of her facial features and boosting her self-confidence. But many women commit major mistakes when choosing cosmetic products or applying makeup; therefore you should know how to choose cosmetics and how to apply makeup in a way that suits your skin and your age.

Following are the major makeup mistakes, if you are over 30; avoid committing these mistakes to get a natural makeup that will give you an attractive look and boost your self-confidence.

Moisturizing cream

Not choosing a moisturizing cream that suits your skin type is a mistake that will completely ruin your makeup; foundation can slip into pores and accentuate fines lines and wrinkles, therefore making you look older. Use a greasy moisturizer if your skin is dry, and water based lightweight moisturizer if your skin is oily.


You might think that skipping primer will diminish the accumulation of makeup layers but this is not true. Applying a primer is an important step in your makeup; primer envelops the skin and gives it a soft blemish free and wrinkle free touch. Use a primer to ensure a refreshed and young looking skin.


Not choosing a foundation that suits the color and type of your skin makes you look older by many years; foundation will look like a mask on your face. We recommend using a foundation with a suitable formula, and spreading it with a brush or a makeup sponge on your entire face and neck. Unify the color as much as possible to get a radiant look.


You shouldn’t put too much blush, a little amount is enough. Try to apply it on your cheeks in a circular motion using a brush to keep a natural look that suits your age.

Under eye concealer

Not choosing the right concealer or putting too much of it reveals fine lines and dark circles around the eye, therefore making you look older. Apply concealer by gently dabbing the area around the eye to get a radiant, wrinkle free look.

Eye shadow

Put eyeshadow in colors that suit your elegance; stay away from the bright colors you used when you were in your twenties because they don’t suit you anymore. Apply eyeshadow on mobile lid and spread it with a brush from base of eyelashes to eyebrow; try to keep a color gradation by concentrating dark tones on outer corner of the eye and light tones toward inner corner for a more radiant look.



Putting too much eyeliner is not a good idea after the age of 30; this will lead to the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles around the eye.


Putting too many layers of mascara makes your eyelashes lose their vitality and leads to clumpy eyelashes; this is not acceptable after the age of 30. You should use a lash curler and apply two coats of mascara only, then comb your lashes for an attractive look.


Apply lipstick in a professional manner to avoid looking older. You should choose lipstick and lip contour pencil in suitable colors to get a natural, homogeneous and harmonious look that suits your age.

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