Avoid these mistakes when applying foundation

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Avoid these mistakes when applying foundation
Avoid these mistakes when applying foundation

Foundation is considered to be the first and most important step in makeup; it plays an important role in hiding skin blemishes and unifying skin color. No doubt you need to choose and apply foundation carefully in order to get an ideal coverage and a natural look.

Unfortunately a lot of women commit mistakes when applying foundation. Following are the most important mistakes and how to avoid them in order to get a well done makeup.

Avoid 6 mistakes when applying foundation:

1. Not preparing the skin:

Preparing the skin, by cleansing and moisturizing it, is the basic rule before applying makeup. Make sure the moisturizer was well absorbed by the skin before applying foundation; it is preferable to prepare the skin one hour before putting makeup.

2. Choosing a foundation color not suitable to your skin:

When choosing a foundation, it is very important to look for a foundation that suits your skin color. Don’t use foundation to tan your skin; this is a common mistake made by many women. Choose a foundation close to your skin color or one degree darker but not more.

The best way to know which color suits your skin is to try the foundation on the lower part of your cheek which is a neutral and rarely sensitive zone.

3. Applying foundation by pressing against the skin:

Do not distribute foundation by pressing against your skin; this will lead to an uneven distribution of foundation and might redden your skin. We recommend using a brush or your fingers to apply it in a light and circular motion on your face.

4. Using a big quantity of foundation:

Contrary to what some might think, applying a big quantity of foundation will reveal skin imperfections instead of hiding them, so be careful to use the right quantity without any exaggeration. 

5. Not taking the lighting into consideration:

When applying foundation, you should pay attention to the lighting of the place you are in. If the room is dark, you might apply a lot of foundation or distribute it unequally on your face. You will only discover your mistake after you leave the house; this will put you in an embarrassing situation. We recommend relying on natural day light in the morning and a well-lit room at night.

6. Using foundation as a face contour: 

Don’t use a foundation as a substitute for a sculpting contour especially during the day; it will look overstated and will reveal skin imperfection instead of hiding them. During the day you can use a bronzer instead of a contour for a natural look.

By avoiding these six mistakes, you will easily get a perfect natural coverage and a blemish free skin, exactly like professionals.  

Finally, we recommend using a light textured foundation for a soft and natural coverage, especially during the day. Preferably use a matte foundation to keep up with the latest trends and to let your makeup stay in place for a longer time.


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