Apply a shiny makeup for an outstanding lively look “Learn in steps how to apply a shiny makeup”

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Apply a shiny makeup for an outstanding lively look
“Learn in steps how to apply a shiny makeup”
Apply a shiny makeup for an outstanding lively look
“Learn in steps how to apply a shiny makeup”

Fashion trends vary season after season and year after year, but a healthy and attractive bright skin look is never out of fashion; beauty experts strive for it by using various cosmetic products. What differentiates one makeup from the other is the extent of mastery in applying it; that is the professionalism in covering skin blemishes in an imperceptible way, blending makeup in a good way, and applying highlighter in a suitable way by blending it with other colors to give the skin a radiant and lively look.

If you are interested in applying a shiny makeup that relies on highlighting, follow below steps for an outstanding look.


- Make sure to apply a moisturizing cream that suits your skin type. Moisturizing the skin is an essential condition for a well done makeup; a refreshed skin gives makeup a more beautiful look.

- Choose a soft lightweight foundation. Distribute it in drops on your skin then use a brush to spread it on entire face and neck, and don’t forget the upper part of your forehead next to hairline. Blend it with a makeup sponge to unify your complexion. Make sure to reach the ear area for a total coverage.

- Apply concealer in a color one degree lighter than foundation if you have slight dark circles around the eyes. If the dark circles are blackish, we recommend using other concealer colors such as plum for a better coverage; apply it by dabbing. Cover skin blemishes then blend concealer and foundation with a medium brush. Applying concealer in a correct way to cover skin problems is a prerequisite for a well done shiny makeup.

- Put face powder to set and cover foundation; apply a suitable amount with a large soft bristle brush and spread it on entire face and neck, especially on nose bone, forehead and cheeks to give more radiance to these areas.

- Start eye makeup by drawing a black line at eye crease with a beveled brush to make application easier. Apply grey eyeshadow from the black line and upward, then blend to unify the eyeshadow and line colors. Apply white eyeshadow in a random way under the drawn line, at tear line and directly under eyebrow. Put a little grey eyeshadow on a tapered little brush and apply it on lower eyelid. If you love shiny colors, apply glitter over white eyeshadow on mobile lid and at tear line by using special glitter glue.


- Define your eyes with liquid eyeliner and put black kohl inside the eye; you can use other colors such as blue or grey for an outstanding look.

- Apply thickening and lengthening mascara; you can use false eyelashes for a sharper look.

- Choose lipstick in a nude or classic red color, or any other color you suitable. Apply it on your lips for added glow.

- Highlighter is a cosmetic product that reflects light on the surface of the skin.


Highlighter is mainly applied:

• Under eyebrow bone to give wider and more attractive eyes; never put a highlighter above eyebrow because it will reveal wrinkles.

• At inner corner of eye for an attractive shine.

• At lip border to define lips, give them a larger look and emphasize the beauty of their color. • At sides of nose bone to make nose look smaller.

• On cheekbones to give them a fuller look.

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