An autumn makeup with the colors of nature by Ghadeer Sultan

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
An autumn makeup with the colors of nature by Ghadeer Sultan
An autumn makeup with the colors of nature by Ghadeer Sultan

The autumn season is known for its changeable weather. It is the time when nature changes its colors; green leaves take on shades of orange and brown.


How about discovering an autumn makeup inspired by the colors of nature done by Kuwaiti beauty expert Ghadeer Sultan.


The first and most important step is cleaning the skin with a facewash that suits its type, and applying moisturizing creams to refresh the skin and give it a natural radiance.

Eye makeup:

- Start by applying a primer on entire upper eyelid to make eyeshadow color stay put for a longer time.


- Choose eyeshadow in an ivory color and apply it in a random way on entire eyelid then apply a dark orange color on entire mobile lid. Blend the two colors with a brush and try to spread eyeshadow upward in a circular shape, slightly extending it outside the edge of the eye. Apply a little dark brown eyeshadow at outer corner of eye and blend colors; be careful not to push the dark brown color inward but leave it at outer edge of eye.

- Put pinkish white kohl inside the eyes for a wider look, and apply shiny white kohl at tear line. - Apply black kohl on lower eyelid and set it with eyeliner; blend kohl and eyeliner with a brush for a harmonious aspect.

- Apply false lashes, but make sure they suit your eyelashes.

- Combine natural and false lashes with a lengthening and thickening mascara, and put some mascara on lower eyelashes.

- Groom your eyebrows and define them with a brow pencil in the color of your eyebrows. Draw them, hair by hair, and comb them with brow mascara; then set them with a brow gel to keep their attractive look.

Skin makeup:

- If you suffer from acne scars and redness start by applying a green primer and distribute it with a brush. If you have a clear blemish free skin, you can use a lightweight transparent primer.


- Use a foundation suitable to your skin color and distribute well with a brush; choose a lightweight foundation with medium coverage to allow contouring the face in a nice way.

- Use a concealer one degree lighter than your skin color and distribute it by dabbing gently for an ideal coverage of dark circles under the eyes.


- Start by applying the face contour; choose concealer in two shades, one shade in your skin color and the other two degrees darker. Apply the light color on cheekbones from up to down, on chin and on nose bone in a vertical way; then apply the dark color at both sides of hairline, on sides of nose bone in a vertical way, on cheeks and on chin, in addition to a horizontal line between upper lip and nose. Also put a little plum blush on cheeks. Start blending with a special brush; do it in a professional way to keep the color differentiation because the aim of contouring is to highlight attractive areas of the face and hide or reduce other areas.


- To cover and set the contour, use a pressed face powder and distribute it with a brush in a homogeneous way for an ideal natural look.

- To illuminate the area under the eyes, use pressed powder; choose a powder one degree lighter than the color of your skin and distribute it by dabbing gently with a makeup sponge, and then use a brush for a homogeneous distribution.

- Apply a pressed blush in a pink color on your cheeks for a natural glow.


- Choose a lipstick in a brown color and apply with a lip brush in a homogeneous way. By following above steps, you will get a makeup inspired by the colors of nature in autumn.

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