Amal al Awadhi’s makeup secrets

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Amal al Awadhi’s makeup secrets
Amal al Awadhi’s makeup secrets

Kuwaiti actress Amal al Awadhi got to the heart of people through her wonderful presence in front of the camera, especially in her role in “Abu al Malayeen” series; she captured a massive audience with her performance and became a top actress in Kuwait. Her Arabian makeup style reflects her strong personality. How about discovering Amal al Awadhi’s makeup secrets?

1- Caring and moisturizing

Amal takes great care of her skin; she uses nourishing masks and moisturizing creams and makes sure to apply a sun screen before exposure to sunlight. She believes that a good skin is the source of beauty and makes sure to remove her makeup every day to give her skin the chance to breathe.

2- Face makeup

- Primer is her best ally for a well done and professional makeup; she always starts her makeup by applying a primer to keep her skin healthy and to protect it from the harmful effects of cosmetics.

- Amal has an amazing bronze skin; she uses a suitable bronze foundation for an ideal coverage and a blemish free skin.

- She always uses a concealer to hide dark circles and blur fine lines around the eyes to add more elegance to her makeup, especially to her eye makeup.

- Amal uses the contouring and highlighting technique to emphasize her beautiful features and to alter the contour of her nose and lips; the dark contour sculpts her face while the highlighter illuminates her attractive features.

- Amal sets her makeup with a face powder in a bronze color to give her face a natural outstanding look.

- Amal knows how to use blush to give her cheeks a natural glow; she uses bronze and peach colors in a way that suits her skin color.

3- Eye makeup

- Amal is known for her bold and sumptuous Arabian eye makeup; she has an outstanding style and uses earth tones in various types: soft, smoky, strong and glittery.

- She puts black eyeliner to emphasize the beauty and seduction of her eyes by drawing a cat eye or defining the entire eye. She uses a black kohl pencil and blends kohl by dabbing for a more luminous look.

- She uses lengthening and thickening mascara for a sharper and more feminine eye expression. Sometimes, she uses false lashes in a strip form on her upper lid for a bolder look.

- She grooms her eyebrows to give them a natural look.

4- Lips makeup

Most of the time, she gives her lips a full look through defining them with a matte lipstick and a contour pencil, and then she applies a velvety lipstick with a brush. She adds a little lip gloss to give an additional glow to her lips.

Amal makes sure to always appear in amazing looks; she surprises her followers on Instagram with new Arabian makeup styles. We selected some of her photos as reference for an outstanding makeup and hope you will like them.


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