Ahlam wearing blue lipstick in a makeup by Fatima Kandouli

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
Ahlam wearing blue lipstick in a makeup by Fatima Kandouli
Ahlam wearing blue lipstick in a makeup by Fatima Kandouli

Emirati artist Ahlam is known in the artistic world for her beautiful voice and her remarkable presence in addition to her authentic Arab beauty. She has wide eyes and an attractive bronze skin and fascinates her fans with her daring looks; she hates stereotypes and loves to try new things.

How about finding out the main features of Ahlam’s makeup by Fatima Kandouli


Fatima says that Ahlam’s account on Snapchat enabled us to get closer to her personal taste; Ahlam is a controversial figure who loves fashion and follows it in a daring way.

Main distinctive features of Ahlam’s makeup:


When putting eyeshadow, she applies light colors at inner corner of eye and dark colors at outer corner to widen her eyes.

She defines her eyebrows with eyeliner, drawing them hair by hair for a more natural look.

She applies false lashes on upper and lower eyelashes; she uses a lash strip for the upper part and adds few short lashes to her lower eyelashes in a harmonious way.

She applies eyeliner in a winged cat eye style with a tail at outer and inner corners of eye to add more seduction to her eyes.

She puts white kohl inside the eye to make her eyes look wider.

Ahlam has sharp features and makeup suits her even if its colors are strong and unusual; that is why she looked radiant with blue lipstick.

Now, follow Ahlam’s makeup steps by Fatima Kandouli.


Wash your face with a suitable face wash and apply nourishing moisturizing creams.

Apply a primer to let your makeup stay put for a longer time.

Choose a foundation that suits your skin color and distribute with a flat brush.

Put a concealer, one degree lighter than skin color, under your eyes and distribute it by dabbing gently to hide dark circles.

Put face powder in small touches on your cheeks, jaws, forehead and nose bone; distribute the powder with a large soft bristle brush after you finish your entire skin makeup.

Apply white eyeshadow on entire eyelid in a random way then apply the dark color at outer corner of eye and blend colors. Apply a dark color on mobile eyelid by patting to get a color gradation from a light shade at inner corner to a dark shade at outer corner, for a more attractive look.

Apply black eyeliner in a cat eye style at upper eyelid to give more wideness to your eyes.

Put white kohl inside the eye to enhance the attractiveness of your eyes.

Groom your eyebrows and draw them hair by hair using liquid eyeliner to get thick eyebrows with an attractive natural look.

Put false lashes; apply a lash strip at upper eyelid and add few small individual lashes between lower eyelashes in a harmonious way.

Apply mascara to combine lashes together and get long and thick eyelashes.

Put a bronze blush on your cheeks to enhance their attractiveness.

Use a blue lipstick and apply it with a fine brush on your entire lips; to enhance the beauty and the boldness of the color, define your lips with a black contour pencil for a beautiful and daring look.

By applying previous steps, you will get a distinctive and strong makeup like Ahlam’s makeup. We hope you will like it.

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