A soft makeup for summer evenings

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
A soft makeup for summer evenings
A soft makeup for summer evenings

Summer evening occasions are usually simple and casual; therefore you should choose comfortable and elegant clothes and apply a soft makeup which suits the hot summer weather. Applying too much makeup will give you an undesirable look. The choice of cosmetics adapted to this hot season is also very important to prevent makeup from smearing and to let it stay put for a longer time.

Below is a modern makeup look suitable for summer occasions during the week end.

Follow these simple steps for a soft summer evening makeup:

1. First of all, it is important to apply a primer to get a clear and non-shiny skin; primer also helps in setting makeup for a longer time in summer.

2. Apply concealer to hide dark circles and skin imperfections. Watch: say goodbye to skin imperfections with L’Oréal Paris

3. Choose foundation in a color similar to your skin color or one degree darker to unify skin color and hide blemishes; preferably use a matte foundation to get rid of skin shine.

4. Put some bronzer on cheeks and forehead with a touch of highlighter on cheekbones to give your face a natural radiance.

5. Use eyeshadow in quiet colors such as beige, brown and pink; they give a soft summer look.


6. You can apply a thin line of eyeliner above upper eyelashes or replace eyeliner with a thin line of dark color eyeshadow such as brown or indigo.

7. Define the inside the eye with color a kohl pencil in beige or green instead of black for a more radiant look.

8. Put lipstick in a refreshing color such as violet, dark pink or quiet orange to add a touch of radiance to your summerish look. Watch: shine with a lipstick in violet shades in summer 2017

9. Avoid using false lashes, and apply one or two coats of mascara only. You can use two types of mascara to get amazing eyelashes just like false lashes.

10. Do not put blush in dark colors; choose a light color such as light pink or peach in a satin texture.

Enjoy summer evenings without worrying about your makeup; follow above simple steps for a soft and elegant summerish look.

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