A light makeup for big eyes in 5 steps only!

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
A light makeup for big eyes in 5 steps only!
A light makeup for big eyes in 5 steps only!

No need to worry if you have enormous eyes and prefer them a little smaller. You can make them look smaller with some makeup tricks; this will fool people around you and make them see your eyes smaller than they are.

Following is a simple makeup for enormous eyes to help making them look smaller and more harmonious with other facial features:


First step: applying a primer on eyelids If you have a dry skin, apply a creamy primer; but if you have an oily skin, choose a powder primer to absorb excess oil on eyelids. You might wonder why do you have to use a primer; primer will prevent your makeup from staining and your eyeshadow from creasing or disappearing, and it also makes your eye makeup last for a longer time.


Second step: narrowing the eyes Use a gel or waterproof eyeliner and apply it at upper and lower inner rims of the eye, at eyelashes base. Preferably use a dark color such as black, brown or blue; avoid light colors because they enlarge and widen the eyes.


Third step: applying dark eyeshadow Suitable eyeshadow for big eyes is always in a dark color; it is known that dark colors reduce the size visually like wearing black to appear slimmer, while wearing white gives a fatter look. The same applies for eyelids, so choose a dark color and apply it on outer corner of eye.


Fourth step: applying winged eyeliner This step is optional and differs according to the shape of the eye; if you have sleepy or tired eyes, we recommend applying winged eyeliner.


Fifth step: curling eyelashes and applying mascara You can press your eyelashes for 10 seconds with a lash curler, and then apply your preferred mascara. But how can mascara make the eye look smaller? By lengthening and thickening eyelashes, mascara will visually shorten the upper eyelid and make the eye look smaller.

You can use apply these 5 simple steps at home to get a light makeup for big eyes. There are many other ways to apply makeup but they vary in accordance with the shape and size of the eye.

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