A girly soft makeup for university

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
A girly soft makeup for university
A girly soft makeup for university

Girls going to university like to appear with an attractive look. Although university is for seeking knowledge, this doesn’t mean that you cannot put a simple makeup to enhance your self-confidence.

To reveal your beauty, follow these easy and simple methods to put a girly soft makeup that suits you as a university student. You can apply it daily at home without the need to go to a beauty salon.

Before putting makeup, you should prepare your skin; apply a moisturizing cream then use a foundation one degree lighter than your skin color for a natural look. Foundation helps in hiding skin blemishes and unifying skin color. Following are two methods for applying a girly soft makeup for university.

First method

- Apply a light brown eyeshadow on mobile eyelid using a medium size brush, and spread the color upward reaching the eyebrow.

- Define your eye with a black line at the base of upper eyelashes; start with a thin line at the middle of eye, and make it thicker at outer edge of eye.

- Draw a line, in blue eyeliner for example, under lower eyelashes, and use a kohl pencil in the same color inside the eye.

- To reveal the beauty of the blue color, apply some brown eyeshadow under the eye.

- Use a good quality mascara to give your eyelashes more length and thickness.

Second method

- Apply a very soft grey eyeshadow under eyebrows to illuminate your eyes and your face.

- Then apply a soft pink eyeshadow on entire mobile eyelid.

- Apply a turquoise eyeshadow from inner corner of eye to mid mobile eyelid.

- Choose an eyeshadow in slightly darker shade of turquoise and apply it from mid mobile eyelid to outer corner of eye.

- Then put pink or grey eyeshadow at outer corner of eye.

- To reveal the beauty of your eyes, draw a thin dark line a base of upper eyelashes, and apply mascara to lengthen and thicken eyelashes.

Whatever the method you choose, don’t forget to put a little blush and a lip gloss or lipstick in a pink color; or try nude matte lipstick for an attractive, elegant and soft girly makeup.

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