A festive makeup by beauty expert Waad al Turki

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  • Monday, February 12, 2018
A festive makeup by beauty expert Waad al Turki
A festive makeup by beauty expert Waad al Turki

Social media platforms became the biggest stage for presenting the most creative works in all fields, including the world of makeup that flourished and developed within a short time after the emergence of these sites.

Beauty expert, Waad al Turki, is a famous figure on social media; she was able to draw attention to her outstanding and wonderful work thru Instagram and Snapchat.


How about applying a festive makeup with beauty expert Waad al Turki?


- Start by cleansing your face a suitable facewash. Apply a nourishing mask to refresh your skin; wait for 15 minutes then remove the mask and rinse your face with lukewarm water. Apply a moisturizing cream to revive skin cells and make your skin ready for makeup.

- Groom your eyebrows and comb them upward; fill the gaps by drawing them hair by hair with a beveled brush.

- Apply primer on entire upper eyelid reaching the area under eyebrow for setting eyeshadow.


- Choose eyeshadow in a white color and apply it at tear line and directly under eyebrow to illuminate the area; apply a peach eyeshadow on the entire eyelid and extend it outward to give the eye a wider look; and apply a dark brown eyeshadow at the outer edge of the eye. Apply primer at inner corner of eye and blend it with a brush; put a light beige eyeshadow over it and use a brush to blend all colors to give them a unified character.


- With black eyeshadow draw a line using a beveled brush; gently blend the line with previous colors.

- Define your eyes with winged eyeliner using an eyeliner pencil with a non-retractable tip; draw a line over the eyeshadow line and merge the lines together.

- Apply concealer in the color of your skin at outer edge of eye to eliminate eyeshadow residues and get sharp edged eyeliner.

- Apply concealer in a plum color under the eyes and on acne scars then distribute it by dabbing gently with a makeup sponge to cover blemishes in an ideal way.


- Use foundation in a shade that suits your skin color; apply it with a medium brush on your entire face then blend it by dabbing gently with a makeup sponge.

- Apply a caramel color concealer under the eye; dab it lightly to cover dark circles in an ideal way.

- Use a concealer, lighter than your skin color, under your eyes, on the chin and under cheekbones; blend it by dabbing gently with a makeup sponge in order not to affect the luminosity of foundation.


- Start by applying a plum blush on cheekbones. Then choose a brown blush to contour the face; apply it under cheekbones, on sides of nose bone in a vertical way from up to down, on tip of nose, on forehead, chin and edge of lips for a more accentuated look. Blend with a large soft bristle brush; be careful to blend nose contour only in a vertical way to make look nose look smaller, and don’t forget to blend plum blush with brown blush by dabbing gently.

- To set foundation and contour, apply powder on entire face, especially under eyes and on forehead. - Put highlighter on cheekbones, under the eyes, on forehead and chin; distribute it with a fan brush.


- If you notice that your nose needs to be reduced more, put blush in a darker brown that the previous one and distribute it with an egg shaped brush; if you notice that your lower jaw needs enlarging, put a cream color blush at lower jaw and define the area near the ears with a dark brown color. Blend colors with an egg shaped brush to eliminate the borders of the brown color, and use a large brush to blend colors together for a harmonious makeup.

- Apply lengthening and thickening mascara on lower eyelashes then put false eyelashes at upper ones; use mascara to combine natural and false lashes.


- Choose a shiny classical lipstick and apply it on your lips distributing the color with a small brush. Followers of Waad appreciate her refined taste and her precise work; she always tries to find what suits the shape of the face and applies the makeup with high professionalism to offer various and beautiful makeup styles to the modern woman.

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