Around me daily Macaiajk to evening with ease makeup

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  • Tuesday, February 13, 2018
"Sometimes confront us occasions during the days of the week after a long working day, which we do not have enough time to put makeup evenings.But you can benefit from the rest of the daily make - up to turn it into the evening makeup by putting some quick touches.
He established ways and make - up one, but varies evening makeup for the daytime make - up so that the colors are darker make -up and glamor with a breathtaking atmosphere to fit with the evening.
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offers you Alvaschenesta Tamara beauty of an easy way to convert daily Macaiajk to bewitching evening makeup at a rapid pace.
Here's how to convert daily make-up to the evening simple and quick steps Makeup:
1. Wipe the rest of the daytime lipstick with a tissue to be replaced later red lips suits evening makeup.
2. national set shades eyes dark dark on the entire Browns upper eyelid.
3. Then class shades with light - colored eyes Shines a light KALPAGE for example , on the brow bone eye for lighting.
4. Draw up the upper lashes line winged Balaaleiner fluid, if Alaaleiner did not tumble in the daily Macaiajk.
5. class Almscara on the lashes , giving them the length and intensity of the multiplicity of layers, or you can simply synthetic Balrmoh which Dotaiha in advance Macaiajk morning as I did Tamara Jamal.
6. As for the lips; Fastkhaddma Pencil Dark Kalzahra lips , for example , to select which highlighted and prevents runny lipstick during the evening.
7. Then choose red lips a dark - colored or brown Kalnnabi to view captivating fit makeup evening.
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8. Use Sticky Make - up through sprayed on the face after the completion of the make - up every evening for high stability.
9. Finally; class Alhaaleight on prominent places in your face Kalonf chin and the top of the cheeks to give more sparkle and shine.
Look for weekly time during the days of the week after the completion of the work or university; by converting daily Macaiajk to evening makeup with ease and without any concern or tension from the delay on the evening, the Tstmtaa and Taatogay Block Evening quaintness."