How to make a daily fine makeup, step by step

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  • Tuesday, February 13, 2018



You can not start in the morning for your business and your appointments without the work of light on makeup, would highlight your beauty in a natural way lasts throughout the day.


Daily make-up is different from Evening makeup as a mild and soft colors to give you a quiet Nude natural views away from the glamor makeup evening.

Keep it with us in this video how Alvaschenesta Tamara beauty;apply makeup daily fast and easy step by step.


Here are the work of a daily fine makeup steps step by step:

• Start your daily make-up by putting the primer.
• class cream base on the entire face and neck, you choose the color cream base for daily Macaiajk the same color as your skin or darker degree.

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• Draw your eyebrows with a pen, to be the color of the pen is close to the color of your hair.
• Comb your eyebrows up by Mascara eyebrows.

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• Apply Alkoncelr under the eyes to hide dark circles.
• class contour and Alhaaleight according to the form of your face, so that you place on the dark contour features that you want to hide and Alhaaleight light on other features that you would like to present their cards.

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• PRIMER my eyes on the upper eyelid making it easier to apply eye shadow and makes it more stable throughout the day.
• Identify your eyes set eyes dark shadows under the Nude Browns brow bone.
• Apply Eye Shadow Beige on the entire upper eyelid to illuminate your eyes.
• Apply a layer of mascara on the upper lashes and intensify note f.
• national installation of artificial eyelashes look more charming especially if the lashes short and thick.

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• Draw Pallaileiner thin line adjacent to the upper natural look of your eyelashes.
• Apply a layer of mascara on the lower lashes.
• Identify under-eye shadow and dark eyes.
• Apply Albuleshr bright color Nude Kalmhamsha or pink to highlight the beauty of cheeks.
• Draw your lips using Lip Liner.
• Looney full lips with a pen from the inside to the stability of long lasting more than lipstick.
• Apply lip gloss natural views supple.

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• Identify the first eye by beige or silver to give the eye more lighting.
• Finally; Rashi Sticky makeup on your face all day long.

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Get on a daily stunning makeup highlights your features in a natural way by following these simple and quick way to Alvaschenesta Tamara beauty steps.